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Making Me-Time In The Trenches

   What do you think of when I say the phrase, "Self-care"? It's become a buzz phrase the last couple years, and a controversial one at that. Is it selfish? Is it necessary? Is it selfish NOT to practice self-care? I suppose to answer those questions one must first define what it means to herself. For a long time I eschewed the idea of self-care because to me it meant selfishness. Taking time for me meant sacrificing something my family needed from me to give only to myself. Perhaps that was just my mindset, but maybe it was my stage of life, too. I've lived some pretty intense life stages on this journey thus far, and some of them honestly did not allow for anything I could practically call self-care. Things are a bit different now.    This week I was talking to a friend who is in a very intense stage of life. She has a child with special needs and a newborn. Either of those alone adds some real intensity to life's stages, but together can be very draining. B

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