Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Ya' Been?

Snuggly boy in his woolies, feet up, enjoying the winter day
To say things have been busy lately would be such an immense understatement. Since January 31st, I've have the honest privilege to be running a fundraiser through my store front for a dear friend whose son was born prematurely and passed away shortly after birth. Things are just winding down from that now, so my store front is open again! Nothing exciting in-stock, but I'm working on that. I am BEYOND thrilled to say, though, that we raised beyond our goal to pay the DeVries family's medical bills incurred from the unexpected emergency c-section. Words cannot express how thrilled I am at that.
Mid-way through February, the kids and I all came down with a nasty bug that kept us all (except for the baby, thank goodness) ridiculously sick for ten full days. Frustrating and exhausting. In an attempt to keep my hard-working husband sick, he was quarantined and stayed as far away from us as possible- which meant nearly two weeks as a veritable single mom. He did, however, always ask if we needed anything, and he was my errand boy. Anything the kids or I asked for, he leaped at the chance to go to the store or where ever he needed to in order to get whatever the kids and I desired. That was appreciated more than I can say.
XS Kumfy™ Pants and Munchkin Hat
Now that the auctions are finished, it's back to the in-stock store and the change of seasons! I'm working on a big Your-Yarn-My-Needles project for a sweet mom name Lindsey with an incredible talent for dying her own yarn. She's not sure if she's having a boy or a girl, so she sent me yarn (that she dyed herself) to knit two different outfits- one for each gender. It's been so much fun. Tiny knits go quickly, the yarn has been gorgeous to get knit, and it's been nice to get back to being creative. This second outfit for Lindsey should be finished by the weekend, and out the door by Monday. Next on the needles: a collaboration with Aimee of EcoWrapz . She dyed some gorgeous organic Gaia Merino and sent it to me to be knit into a Kumfy™ Schlüttli. Really excited to get it into works.