Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Already?!

Where has the time gone? I feel like I've only just given birth to my youngest, and here she is 8 months old! I've stayed busy- very busy this last month and a half.
A Gemütlich knit with "You Jane" by Disco Baby Knits
For starters, I've developed a new pattern for a pull-over sweater I called Gemütlich (cozy in German). It has a simply split just past the left shoulder for several reasons: 1) It makes sliding over an infant or busy toddler's head less of a fight, and 2) it gives you the opportunity to add gorgeous buttons for embellishment! The pattern is still in the "pages of notes" stage, so nowhere near ready for publishing, but I'm working on it. Hopefully it'll be ready during the winter 2011/12 season sometime.
My girl in her favorite dress
Another exciting development is my new peasant dress pattern. My oldest is a sweet almost-5-year-old (gosh, where have the years gone? She's supposed to be an infant!) who loves dresses and skirts more than anything, but finances demanded some creativity on my part to get her the dress-filled wardrobe she longed for. Once a week we go to the mall as a family just to walk around and maybe enjoy a frozen yogurt, and I purposely had my girl checking out dresses, showing me what she liked as far as styles, prints, colors, etc. After she went to bed one night, I set to work on a simple style that was easy to make incredible with lots of fun prints. It was a great success. I'm working to get more of these listed and in-stock on the store. While the main objective for this pattern was dresses for the big girls (instead of my usual infants and toddlers), I'm working on a collaboration with a yarn-dyeing WAHM friend for a dress and hand-knit bloomers set- VERY excited about that!
Now that my household is finding a post-new-baby rhythm, I'm working on getting my business more streamlined, budget organized, and income increasing through several means that I am excited to share in the future.