Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Taking a moment to rave about the best creations I've ever made: My babies. They are such incredible, priceless little gems. True gifts from God.
   My oldest is a sweetheart. A precious, tender heart, truthful to her core, hates seeing others hurt, compassionate to the point of forsaking herself even at the age of 7. She is so polite, always respectful, and jumps at the chance to compliment or encourage anyone. She is sweet and tender to a fault, often getting walked-on or forgotten altogether by others who don't notice her quietly cheerful self standing by preferring others.
   My second is the very definition of energy. He is vibrant, intelligent, full of life and spunk, and the "justice police" to the core, standing up for what's right any time he has the chance. His determination makes him overly emotional and lacking impulse control at times, but with time and maturity when he learns to bridal those aspects he will be a mighty force to be reckoned with in anything he sets his mind to.
   My third is a precious little thing, quiet at first, but full of spunk and determination. She is naturally empathetic and caring, and as bull-headed as they come. Fierce and sweet sum her up so perfectly, and her bright blue eyes and explosion of long, curly, strawberry-blond hair just scream that about her.
   My fourth is still just a little guy, but since he was in my womb he has been strong and mighty, yet delicate, powerful yet easily hurt or sick, physically boisterous yet a sweet snuggler, serious and focused yet silly, friendly, and ready with a smile. I look forward to watching his personality develop further and mature during this precious snippet of his life.
   My husband and I have been blessed with four incredible children that we have the honor of raising according to God's will. We recognize them as God's children, only on loan to us for the purpose of blessing us and enriching our lives with the privilege of raising them. We do not take this mission lightly, but work hard to teach them love, respect, and discipline by example, and teach them to have grateful, servant-hearts by modeling these things for them, and keeping the negative influences away from them as much as possible while they're at such impressionable, vulnerable ages. We are grateful beyond words that God allows us to homeschool them and keep these negative influences like materialism, disrespect, filthy speech, sexual immorality, immodest dress, and the dangers of violence and the like away from them. We have had to be a two-parent-working family before and we do not take for granted that this is a privilege not everyone has. We take pleasure and receive confirmation in the fact that they are what the world considers naive or sheltered, and different from society at large given its current state. Our hearts soar every time we leave the house and are complimented repeatedly on our family's impeccable behavior, kindness, and courtesy toward others. Sometimes being a parent can be a seemingly thankless job during seasons of high stress, trial, and lack of sleep, so these encouragements from strangers remind us that we're doing something right: standing out like a sore thumb for all the right reasons.

 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2