Friday, December 31, 2010


In one short week, I will have officially published my very own pattern. The Kumfy™ Schlüttli will be going up for sale at On the Other Side congo on Friday, January 7, 2011, at 12:00pm EST. Crazy exciting.
That is all for today. My house is screaming for a thorough cleaning. Carpets must be shampooed this weekend, too, so it's going to get crazy here shortly.



Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Knitting Queue

I have a problem. I love yarn. I mean REALLY. Cheap and expensive alike, I love it, with sale yarns holding a special place in my heart. A couple times a year I even participate in wholesale yarn co-ops. I have two 30-gallon Rubbermaid totes of yarn in the upstairs walk-through closet, plus a couple sections of my living room cube organizer. Once every couple of months  I like to ransack my yarn stash and make a knitting queue. I don't always stick to it, but it certainly does motivate me to get organized and get knitting when I take the time to dream up projects. This is a relatively awkward time of year, when people are done buying for the cold season, done buying for holidays, but are not yet ready to start thinking far enough ahead for the warm season, which presents me with a unique opportunity to knit for my family and friends guilt-free.
On the needles:
  • A 3/4 semi-custom Schlüttli for a YYMN order (finishing the sleeves, hopefully today)
Next projects:
  • Socks for my nephew for Christmas
  • Infant socks as an extra for a custom order
  • Finish a custom order for a DS mama
  • Two wool soakers for my little one who is growing FAR too fast
  • Three scrappy soakers for a friend due in February
  • A Sprout, Schlüttli, Longies and Socks set for a friend due this spring
Hoping to get all that done by February 1st, when I'll begin brainstorming for the change of seasons(March-April).



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Swirl, Twirl, Whip and Whirl

We're snuggled in today, curtains drawn, watching the snow whip and whirl around outside. Twenty inches in the last 48 hours is nothing compared to last week, but it's enough to keep us inside, unwilling to go out for anything unnecessary. So here I sit wearing my husband's fleece bathrobe, sipping my second cup of coffee, tap-tapping away on the keyboard, and listening to the wind howl outside. I can see the black clouds rolling in as a new front of lake-effect snow from Lake Ontario blows in. I'm thankful I can snuggle into our tiny townhouse with my family and enjoy the snow. The kids were begging for another shoveled maze this morning, but I told them we must wait for tomorrow when the snow is said to be ending. Here's to hoping, anyway. We need time to enjoy this white fluff. And by enjoy, I mean watching the two big kids stomp around in the back yard while I watch them through the picture window, knitting and playing with my sweet 12-week-old baby girl.
Speaking of, it is incredible to me that my tiny miracle is nearly three months old. I feel like just last month I was pregnant, praying away the weeks of pre-term labor, last week I was humming in the birthing tub, breathing her into my hands beneath the warm water, and yesterday she gave me her first smile. How time flies. In reality, she's such a BIG girl, growing so fast, giggling, cooing, and trying her hardest to sit unassisted.
These past several days, I have been knitting just as fast as my fingers would go. In thirty-six hours, I knit a Schlüttli in size 12 months, using Kona DK Superwash wool, dyed by the amazing Allison at PurlyQ. This project alone may have reignited the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I dealt with all throughout my littlest one's pregnancy, because my wrists ache something fierce at times. The beautiful buttons were custom-created by Tessa Ann of Tessa Ann Designs. She does fantastic work, and this particular order was rushed beyond belief because of my needs and requests, but she did stunning work as usual. I have nothing but absolute praise for both of these fine work-at-home-moms, and bring my business to them every chance I get. I recommend them to everyone who needs anything they create! This awesome Schlüttli is a collaboration going up for 24-hour auction On the Other Side tomorrow. It will be my last of the year, because other knitting and commitments beckon me in preparation for the New Year.
My Schlüttli pattern is in the final phase of testing, and I plan to release a limited number for sale at my first stocking of the year. I'm SO excited for it! People have been asking for it since I first began selling this design in September.
Tomorrow is pay day for my husband, which means bills need to be organized today. Add in some laundry, cleaning, and a couple batches of Christmas cookies, and I have an incredibly busy afternoon and evening planned. My littlest one has been my velcro baby lately, though, so we'll see how much I actually accomplish without leaving my house.



Sunday, December 12, 2010


On the first day of December, I whined several times that there was no snow. When my older sister called in the afternoon, I commented on my amazement that I live in what is known as "The Snow Belt of New York," and yet it was December first and there was no snow. Not a flake in sight. Let's just say I got my fill of snow in the following four days. The official count was fifty inches. That's averaging more than a foot of snow a day. I do love snow. I even love SHOVELING snow. I did so much shoveling just to keep our driveway clear every morning by 6am, and yet I had the energy to dig a nice little maze in the back yard so the kids could go play without getting lost.
In addition to the snow, we had some added fun to make our week more, well, interesting. Somewhat briefly summarized: Car trouble when my husband came out of work at 9am after a 14-hour shift then a subsequent 4-hour wait in the blizzard for AAA (because the weather had their resources tapped out), a broken computer, and trouble with the back-up computer.
Now, with hopes of catching up, I keep trucking. This week holds A LOT. Today was our sweet littlest girl's dedication at church, followed by lunch here with our family members who were able to attend. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be fraught with sewing and knitting for the stocking at On The Other Side on Friday. Sewing Kumfy™ Jeans for the congo, a Christmas dress for my big girl and cords for my boy for the family party at my aunt's next Sunday, and knitting-knitting-knitting! One Schlüttli for a YYMN slot, and another for a collaboration with the amazing Allison from PurlyQ. Add in a couple appointments here and there, some Christmas baking, taking Christmas pictures of the family and getting things printed, Christmas cards addressed, and my week is packed rock-solid. Did I mention we're expecting another front of snow and ice tomorrow? This one is only supposed to last for two days, though. I guess we'll see if it's still snowing on Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Been a While

Since I lasted blogged, plenty has happened. First of all, I gave birth to a beautiful miracle- a little girl we were told had Trisomy 18 and would likely never take a breath outside the womb. Today she is a gorgeous, perfectly healthy, 14.5-pound little blue-eyed sweetheart who will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. She's incredibly sweet, content, lovable and talkative. Her older siblings adore her, and she has her daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers. Both A and G have to kiss and hug "Baby Lala" when they wake up, before naps, before bed time, and every time she so much as makes a squeak, she has the undivided attention of the entire household. When my incredible husband walks in the door from work, he hugs and kisses the two toddlers who are scampering around him screaming, "Daddy, you're home! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" And as soon as his little worshippers get their lovin', he swoops in on his littlest princess, and she has smiles for him like she gives to no one else. It blesses my heart to see how much all three children and my husband adore each other. And of course I jump in on the circle of adoration.
In case anyone didn't notice, IT'S CHRISTMAS! I love the holiday season. I created this blog last year during the holiday season so I could blog about my creative swirl. Now, I continue, and while my family and KumfyKozies I have very little time for the computer anymore, I will try to do better. Try being the keyword.
In my absence I have been busy creating new pieces for my line as well. The Kumfy™ Jeans have been enormously popular and kept me busy-busy-busy doing customs up until R's birth, and I've been doing limited in-stock (as much as I have time for) since.
Another great addition to my line of KumfyKozies has been The Kumfy™ Schlüttli. The Schlüttli is a traditional Swedish sweater that has been around for centuries. It can be worn as a full sweater, or with the top buttons undone for a bit of a cardigan look. I first saw a schlüttli on a completely unrelated Ravelry post. I searched and couldn't find the pattern anywhere, so I sent the knitter a message, asking where she found the sweater or pattern. She sent me a PDF file that was choppy instructions (in German) supplemented by hand-drawn diagrams for a sweater in about a size 5T. That was perfect, because that is A's size, so I tried it. What was lacking from the pattern and diagrams I was able to fill in with my knitting experience and make it work. I liked the concept of the resulting sweater, but decided to make it my mission to make my own pattern for the sweater I had been imagine. Thus came my version of the Schlüttli. Here's a little secret: The Kumfy™ Schlüttli pattern is currently in its last phases of testing, and is scheduled to be released (after countless requests for it since September) for the New Year. But that's our little secret for now.
For now, I must bid you adieu, with promises of knitting, sewing, and plenty of holiday baking to come very soon.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well Hello There!

I'm ashamed to say that I blog daily, and yet it's been nearly three months since I've logged in here. What a crumb. Ach mich, suffice it to say, life has been busy. Full of surprises around every corner, but God is always faithful to provide for our every need: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial, if we only seek His face. We've learned a lot about seeking His face in these past three months. Now, we are expecting the arrival of a tiny miracle any day now, but continue to plug away at business, and small custom orders in particular.
KumfyKozies is continuing to expand as well. We are now members of a brand new congo on HyenaCart called On the Other Side. The focus of OTOS is green. Green living, upcycling, natural parenting, and, well, the color green- my personal favorite.
Another new aspect of KumfyKozies is our FaceBook page! Many people have asked why we didn't have one, and I've never really had a reason- I just didn't. Now we do. Check it out, 'Like' us, and spread the KumfyKozies love!
We have a couple of brand new patterns, two of which are about to debut in a fantastic little set on Wednesday. The patterns themselves will have their own post (they're THAT awesome), but for now, a sneak peak. Snuggly, warm, tiny deliciousness on luxury yarn with owl cables and hand-crafted buttons make this a set you won't want to miss.

Monday, June 21, 2010


In September, our household's even numbers of 2:2 will be thrown off. We'll be adding another little girl to the mix. My KumfyKozies projects for the month of June were dedicated to the boys for four ALL BOY! stockings, but now that we're getting close to the baby moon, I'm focusing my creative energy on my own kidlets, and building a lovely knit stash for our new little girl.
The most recent finished project for Baby Girl is a pair of knit longies. I used 3-ply Uruguayan Merino from PureWool, in their Renaissance colorway. Renaissance is a gorgeous, sunny colorway, with a bright emerald green, coral, and yellow, with splashes of orange and white. This colorway was brand new when I ordered it in a co-op last summer, but to my dismay is now discontinued. I would really like to make Baby Girl a skirt from this colorway next spring/summer, so it looks like my only option there will be to get some in another co-op that allows people to purchase older/discontinued colorways.
Another project I finished this week was a Maxi Dress for my 3.5-year-old girl. The pattern is an absolute breeze, but knitting anything in a size 5T quickly becomes tedious. Due to some late pregnancy symptoms last week, I spent a lot of time on the couch with my feet up, and managed to finish this sweet dress in four days, but I swore the skirt would last forever. All the tediousness was worth it in the end, because the dress fits like a glove, and my Big Girl loves it. She wouldn't take it off for two days, even for bedtime. In the mean time, plenty of people have had a chance to see it, and ask me to knit one for their little girls. I don't see that happening any time soon, but I do have a sweet niece who will be getting one for her birthday for sure. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in the Jellybean colorway with a matching Cascade 220 solid purple trim.
Currently on the needles is a SMSS Seamless Wrap Kimono for Baby Girl, using the yarn leftovers from her big sister's Maxi Dress. There should be just enough!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cables Galore

I've officially called it quits on the shorties knitting season. Unless my son suddenly needs more, I am done knitting shorties for the year. Most people will have all the shorts they need by now, so anything still hanging around will be clearanced in August before the baby moon, or sealed up and packed away for next Spring.
I finished the my shorties knitting season with a lovely pair of cabled shorties on Peace Fleece, in their Hemlock colorway. It's such a gorgeous, rich green, this colorway has made it to my all-time favorite colorways list. It also didn't hurt that my favorite color has always been green. I plan to get in on the next Peace Fleece co-op to buy a few skeins of this glorious colorway for the winter wooly stashes of my own children.
I am also SO excited that I finished my first official project for my new little miracle on the way. I used single-ply undyed Uruguayan Merino wool, and followed the Twisty Trousers pattern by Cabbages and Kings. The Twisties came out so sweet and tiny, not to mention buttery-soft, I am really excited to get my little one here and into these woolies.
Since I currently have no one to knit for but my own sweeties, I am tackling a large task at the moment: A Maxi Dress for my big girl in 5T. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash wool in their Jellybean colorway, with a matching purple trim. I'm making good progress thus far, constantly spurred on by my girl asking, "Mama, are my knitties done yet? Will they be done after dinner, Mama?" Poor girl does not understand that it's going to take her busy mama a good week to knit a project this size, though I am finished with the bodice and well into the skirt now. Hopefully I can surprise her and have it finished for Sunday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Knitting Aplenty

I've been keeping my days filled with lots of knitting, with a splash of sewing here and there, too. The kids are enjoying the sunshine and the huge outdoor space at our new home. So far there have only been clusters of days here and there where the classic heat and humidity of our area have been too much to bear. On those days, we stay inside with the central air conditioning on full force, and focus on staying hydrated.
My daughter has found a new love: grass clippings. Truly, every week when the lawn mower blows through for an hour, she watches at the living room picture window, then when he's gone and it's safe, she begs and begs and begs to be able to go out and play with the "brown grass." As long as the weather isn't too warm, I give in to her begging, though I know the mess on my living room carpet when we come back inside is going to be tremendous. Short of stripping the children outside and hosing them down, I've done everything I can think of to keep the clippings in the yard where they belong, but somehow they always find their way in.
In honor of the change of season, my fingers have been busy knitting shorties for the cloth diapered cuties needing some warm-weather wool. One of my first KumfyKozies projects was a pair of Kumfy Shorts knit with 100PureWool's Uruguayan Merino in their Hot Night colorway. The yarn striped up so unique and evenly, almost like a black and silver zebra. Fun and funky. I like 'em.
Another project during the month of May was a new sewing pattern. This one is for the boys: A nice wide-legged pair of shorts. I call them Roomy Shorts.
Another boyish project was a fairly quick knit: A newborn Kumfy Soaker on single-ply Uruguayan Merino from PureWool in their Maceio colorway. Buttery soft and oh-so-tiny and squishy. Apparently it was a hit, because it sold shortly after I listed it on my store.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm wading through and clearing out a bit of my PureWool stash. The next project I completed was a pair of Kumfy Shorts on 3-ply PureWool in one of my favorite colorways: Vichadero. Turquoise and silver awesomeness. Really gorgeous color combination that can work for either a boy or girl.
To break up the monotony of all this boyish PureWool yumminess, I did a custom for a fellow HyenaCart WAHM using Blackberry Ridge Merino that she dyed herself. The pink and gray remind me so much of Ella the Elegant Elephant!
For a week, I took a break from knitting, and worked on my new pattern. I churned out quite a few pairs for testers for others and my own son, then a couple pairs of classic denim Roomy Shorts for my store. One pair sold this past week, and the recipient is in-love, so with that feedback on top of my testers' opinions, I dare say this new pattern of mine was a huge success!
Just in time for Memorial Day, I finished a pair of cabled Kumfy Shorts for my son, using Peace Fleece in their Ancient Fern colorway. It's a lovely rich brown color, with flecks of purple and green throughout. I love the way it knits up, and look forward to snagging some more from the next Peace Fleece co-op for some warm winter woolies.
Back to the itsy-bitsy theme, I finished a Sweet Mama Small Sugar Infant Kimono for a friend. She's due with a surprise (her fifth) in a few weeks, and when I asked what her favorite color for this baby was, she said greens. I kept the project a surprise, but showed her the yarn I chose, and she loved it. She just received the kimono earlier this week, and her gushing warmed my heart through. It's so fun to knit such teeny-tiny projects, and the fact that they're such quick knits makes me love them even more.
A break of sewing amongst all the knitting, and my first project for June was a sweet little set for a friend's little Elmo fan who is turning three next week. I showed her my sundress patterns, and she chose the simple A-line, with a matching pint-size library bag. The mama says her girl's favorite things in the world are ladybugs and Elmo, and when I showed her the fabric, it was love. The set is on its way down the East coast, likely to be delivered tomorrow, and I'm excited to see how the birthday girl likes it. 
Last but not least, fresh off the needles yesterday was a brand new pattern: The Snuggly Sack. Many mamas love the convenience of a wool sleep sack for those midnight diaper changes. Rather than messing with tiny snaps, buttons, zippers and diaper covers, a sleep sack fits snuggly around the waist, with an open bottom to minimize the hassle of the undressing and redressing of those late-night changes. This Snuggly Sack was knit with *SURPRISE* more PureWool, this time buttery-soft single-ply in their Adonis colorway.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Moving, Knitting, and Newborn Squish

We moved last week! It wasn't a really traumatic or far move, but across the state from my hometown and all my family was far enough.
 The kids didn't seem to mind the move. They thought the maze of boxes and new configuration of disassembled furniture was a fun house. My toddler boy, also known as Destructo Baby, had a particularly good time with the cube organizer once the cubes were emptied and packed.

Over the last two weeks I've done a fair bit of knitting. The first project finished was a pair of board shorts for a toddler boy. The yarn is Peace Fleece dyed by Aimee of Eco-Wrapz in her 'Peas & Carrots' colorway.

I also had the pleasure of whipping up an outfit for a friend, who is due in June with her first baby boy. It is an extra-small wrap kimono and pair of shorties knit with single-ply PureWool in the Maceio colorway. They've been washed, blocked, and packaged to be dropped in the mail in the morning.

Currently I have two projects on the needles: A blanket for my sweet baby girl who is due in September, and a pair of large shorties for my store.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lemons and Sweet Newborns

Today was a fantastic day. I made a sweet little newborn dress, and had the pleasure of a mini photo session with my five-day-old nephew, Isaak.

Some sweet newborn goodness I'm stocking tomorrow at noon:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Time No Sew!

I've been absent for quite some time, but I've been busy. I've been growing a new belly baby, getting ready to move, and taking care of my busy little bees around here. Morning sickness has been atrocious, so I haven't had much energy at all, let alone creative energy. I've done a fair bit of knitting, but I'm just getting back into the swing of sewing. My darling husband also surprised me with a beautiful DSLR for my birthday in February, so I need to get to work on improving my photography as well.
Today's project started as a dress for my girl, using Alexander Henry's Juicy with a matching vibrant yellow solid. It's drizzling and barely above freezing here, so photos of said dress and stir-crazy toddler were challenging at best.
Just this week, I finished a pair of toddler-size capris for a collaboration with Allison from PurlyQ. The yarn is her custom colorway, Spring Meadow, on Cestari Superfine Merino wool with a semi-colid matching pink trim. The colors are so vibrant and the Cestari is so cottony-soft, Allison's yarn was a pleasure to knit. The capris will be stocking on WAHM Nation on Tuesday, April 20th, at 8am EST. There are four ounces of yarn and trim left, so I'm also working on a small soaker for the stocking as well.
If this baby turns out to be a girl, Allison is going to be busy dyeing yarn for me. Photographs don't do her work justice, and she's just an absolute doll to work with. She's also a very talented graphic artist, and has done all the layout and advertising work for my main store, KumfyKozies.
To brighten your day on this drizzley afternoon, I leave you with a photo I took a week ago of my precious niece, Alexandra. She's so beautiful, sweet, and has the complexion of a porcelain doll.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Fever

We're changing gears and turning our minds to spring. Across the states and Europe, the spring warm-up will soon begin. Some places won't see it for a little bit longer than others, but here in New York, we have Spring Fever. To keep us busy while we ride out the last of the winter, we're getting our projects on the warm-weather track.
We're brainstorming for new ideas, and revamping old ones. Spring is a time for growth and new beginnings, and we look forward to it. We're working on a few new patterns, sales, and themed-stocking concepts. We're on the look-out for fabrics and yarns that will bring some spring to the blustery winter that will linger for another month or two.

We stocked WAHM Nation on Wednesday, January 20th with Valentine's Day in mind. Twirly skirts are fun and versatile to wear, and fun to make! My 3-year-old daughter enjoyed helping me pick out the fabrics. I know she's hoping for another twirly skirt of her own!
One new item on KumfyKozies is the Twirly Dress. We've been doing them for our own little sweeties for months now, and a few custom orders as well, but now we're shortening the sleeves, and bringing them out for stockings. We gave it a jazzy little sleeve, and are focusing on bright, happy colors and prints for fabrics. Pair with a cardigan or on its own, the Twirly Dress is perfect for the sunshine in your life.
Some may call it premature, but we're excited for Spring. We stocked our first pair of shorties in our last stocking on Wednesday. Another pair in a size larger is on the needles, hopefully to be finished for this Wednesday's stocking. We're doing things a little longer than normal shorts, but not quite longies. Depending on the inseam, they'll fit as board shorts that hit at or just below the knee, for a wide-legged fit like board shorts or capris. Because of it's hardy nature and resistance to pilling, we're using Peace Fleece for the larger sizes. We love the colors and flecks of variation that is signature of Peace Fleece, and are adding fun cuffs and cables to spice up the beutiful simplicity.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching Up

We've had some family issues to deal with as of late, including the death of my beloved grandpa, so I have been scarce. I have been staying busy, though!
I finished the sleeveless tunic for my niece's birthday(December 31st), and only just had a chance to give it to her this weekend. I look forward to getting some action shots of the entire ensemble. My niece is such a petite, fair-skinned sweetie, with a bald head and pale skin like a porcelain doll, I couldn't possibly knit something to outshine her cuteness, but I tried to make something simple and functional for a learning-to-walk one-year-old.
I also finished a pair of capris for a collaboration on the congo I am a member of on HyenaCart, called WAHM Nation. Another WAHM made a long-sleeved tee embellished with the purple-themed Ooga-Booga fabric by MOM, llc, and a third WAHM made a dozen cloth wipes with the same Ooga Booga fabric, and hand-dyed purple organic cotton velour. Everything is on its way to me, and I am excited to get it all photographed and listed. The capris are mediums I knit from my own Kumfy Pants pattern, with a ruffled cuff. I use 3-ply PureWool in the Salinas colorway. I'm really pleased with the result, and excited to get the fundraising collaboration auction listed.
Another project recently completed, was a sleeveless tunic for my 3-year-old daughter, identical to (but bigger than) the tunic I knit for my niece. I initially wrote the pattern as a jumper for her when she was about 18-months-old, but decided to modify it to be a tunic she could wear through the rest of the winter, and into the spring and early summer. This project was meant to be simple enough to knit in the dark start to finish, during the 24-hour round trip to and from North Carolina this weekend for my grandpa's memorial service. I consider the project a success, it's basic, beautiful, and my daughter has not taken it off since we arrived home. She even wore it to bed last night. Therefore, I only have photos of her in it.

Another new undertaking: The Twisty Trouser pattern by Lynne at Cabbages and Kings. This first pair will be teeny-tiny, and a gift for the chef at the restaurant where I am employed. He and his wife are expecting a baby boy in early March, and I'm excited to surprise them with a pair of Twisty Trousers. If they are as easy as they seem so far, I plan to knit a pair for each of the new babies I know that are coming in the next six months. That includes 5 between now and April 30th. I better get knitting.