Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday WIP

I finally have my knitting mojo back! For a couple of weeks now I have just NOT been able to knit much, lacking motivation and desire, but last night I finished the avocado-colored Milo sweater vest for my 4-year-old. In true sensory kid fashion I tried to put it on him this morning and despite the fact that he loves the color, sweater vests in general, and was SO excited when I was knitting it for him, he will not wear it. In fact, he screamed and stomped his feet the whole ten seconds I was trying it on him purely to check the fit. Changes in life, new clothing included, are a challenge for him. Hopefully it will sit neatly folded with his shirts long enough and it will become a common sight and no longer something 'new' so his brain will lose it's anxiety of the unknown and let him wear it.
   Next on the needles- a romper for my littlest. Yarn is Cascade Eco+ wool in some color scraps I had laying around. This time it's charcoal and turquoise. Using the Kumfy™ Jumper pattern in XSmall. Buttons will be "Robin" by Tessa Ann Designs. A nice embellishment that will stand out perfectly from a solid-colored set. Next question: To knit matching shoes or not? They take about an hour per shoe/slipper so it wouldn't mess with my queue substantially, but still.......Hmmmm.
   Along with the return of my knitting mojo I got hit with the urge to knit tiny things like mad. Specifically- overalls and rompers. It's like nesting, but with knitting instead of the stereotypical cleaning and/or organizing. So again, my queue gets a make-over. What to do, what to do.
Currently on the needles: XS Kumfy™ Jumper with Eco+
Next on the needles: XS Small Things Romper with undyed 3-ply Uruguayan Merino
Then: NB My Keiki Overalls with Willow Merino by Family Roots in "Squishy Face"

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I made the formal announcement on my shop on Wednesday that I am taking a break indefinitely. It was bittersweet. I absolutely LOVE making goods for other people, both for sale and gifts, but it was time. The last seven years have been wonderful, terrible, stressful, and delightful all at once. It's sad. SO sad. And oddly freeing. Everything I make, every supply I have, every bit of creative energy can go solely into goods for my own loved ones. I get to see it all worn! 
So now I focus on my family. My kids' education. My coming baby. And no business to run. No stress from that. No income from that either, but no stress and more time. It's a little mind-boggling to think of what I can do with all of that, income or not.  
Maybe I can even *gasp* BLOG REGULARLY AGAIN! That'd be the next best thing- and to keep up on all my blog locations and actually WRITE! Share about my creative doings like cooking, knitting, sewing, pattern-writing, homeschooling, etc, here, and write the way I want to about my son's sensory issues on My Sensational Square Peg. Maybe. Just maybe.
This week my focus is detail cleaning and organizing of the house to prepare for my midwife's home visit and the impending birth of my little Badger, quarterly reports for homeschooling, and finishing the two WIP's I have on the needles- a Milo vest for my son and a Paprika duster for my oldest daughter. They're both so excited- It's been so long since I've knit for them!