Saturday, July 30, 2011


After months of work and much anticipation, my new Kumfy™ Schlüttli collection is finished. I sent it to two experienced knitters for a final proof-reading yesterday, and I am confident that this morning we are good to go. I was SO excited about having it completed, I couldn't very well sit on it for the next two days, so everyone who purchased a copy in the last 8 months, both on HyenaCart and Ravelry received the new pattern this morning. Another secret surprise: The new pattern collection is available for purchase NOW on HyenaCart, but only my blog readers know this, so consider yourselves special. :-D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Collaborative Efforts

Over the last two months I have had the distinct honor of being asked to work together with other hard-working work-at-home moms and create some beautiful collaborations. Most recently was with Nicole of Napping House Yarns who sent me some beautiful semi-solid Cestari Super Fine Merino to be knit into items for sale. We've already sold the ruffled capris with a hand-stitched seahorse embellishment on my store, and coming up for the next stocking at On the Other Side congo, we will have finished a Twisty Soaker from the remainder of the yarn. Look for that on Friday, August 5th at 12pm EST.
This week, however, I am working with Aimee of EcoWrapz. I have knit with yarn she has dyed many times and it's ALWAYS beautiful and well-done, but this time is extraordinary. I sent Aimee a swatch of some fabric I have the yardage to sew a dress/tunic with, and she returned it to me a couple weeks later with the most extraordinarily beautiful yarn, and a PERFECT match! I finally got to this lovely wool in my knitting queue and began knitting it two days ago. It's knitting up wonderfully, making it easier to knit even faster in excitement and anticipation of seeing the finished product.

Monday, July 25, 2011

One Week!

After months of knitting, meticulous note-taking, hard work, testing, hours typing, reading, re-typing and re-reading, the Kumfy™ Schlüttli Collection will be published. August 1st is the big day. So exciting! I've re-organized my original Schlüttli pattern to make it a bit more beginner-friendly, added instructions for various cuffs and necklines, and changed the sizing a little bit. The sizes now have a bit larger range- XSmall is a true newborn size, Small will be roughly a 3-9 months size, Medium will be 12-24 months, Large will be 3/4, and then there will be the addition of the sizes 5/6 and 7/8. People have been writing and asking for these larger sizes since I first created my pattern, and I'm so excited that I was able to get them drafted and added to the collection.
Did I say collection? Yes, there will be instructions for three different types of garments in this new edition: The Schlüttli, The Gemütlich, and The Liebkosung. The Kumfy™ Schlüttli is an original Swiss design that I simply put my own spin on. It is knit flat but for the sleeves. The Kumfy™ Gemütlich is a pull-over version of the Schlüttli with a short button band down a portion of the raglan line of the bodice to add embellishment as well as make for ease of dressing when pulling the garment over a wiggly little one's head. The Kumfy™ Liebkosung is a sleep sack available in two sizes (XSmall and Small) with a shape similar to the Gemütlich, but with a longer button band and a drawstring bottom to make for easy diaper changes during the night, and requires no other clothes underneath it for infants during the night. With the Liebkosung, you also do not need a blanket for Baby, which lowers the risks of SIDS.
All styles can be done with long sleeves or short. Long-sleeved sweaters are a classic staple of any winter wardrobe, and the short-sleeved option makes it a versatile garment for year-round: alone in the summer and with a long-sleeved tee underneath for cooler weather.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

At-Home Mom

Teething bites!
I promise I'm not trying to only blog once a month, but things happen. My oldest is quickly approaching the start of kindergarten on August 1st, and though we're home schooling there's plenty involved in getting ready for that step. My middle child is a moderately-to-severely effected sensory kid so we have an Occupational Therapist in and out of our home several times a week, and we're getting ready to start preschool with him to boot! Then the baby is just the baby- a teething, constantly-nursing, starting-to-walk, demanding baby closing in on her first birthday. Suffice it to say our house is in a constant state of semi-uproar with no end in sight! I love every minute of it. I'm working on being more diligent, though. Despite the fact that "Work" is first in the name WAHM, the "At-Home Mom" part is what actually comes first.