Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week One: A Twisty Soaker

Cables are simple when you figure them out, but even the simplest cables and simplest patterns can be tricky at times. Case in point: This week's give-away specimen. I had knit all sizes of the pattern but specifically four of the  XS Twisty Soakers before this one and was BAFFLED as to why the cables weren't lining up according to the pattern on the front. I frogged, counted stitches, and re-tried the front flap SO many times, then finally I just gave up and finished it off. I shoved it in one of my in-stock bins and forgot about it. Never even photographed it for Ravelry, which is unlike me because I am OCD with my Ravelry account. My next project was another try, but this time I meticulously read the pattern as I went, rather than doing it from memory and referencing the pattern for specific numbers needed. Then I found it. Two stitches. Two teeny-tiny stitches should have been transferred back to the left-hand needle before continuing at one point and that would have saved me several days of frustration and the resulting wonky soaker. It's perfect for function just not perfect for looks on the front,  so for that reason it is a second quality. Since I have no plans for it I decided to make it my first item to give-away for the month.

If you HAVEN'T tried Lynne Sanderson's Twisty Soaker pattern and you enjoy knitted soakers, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. She is meticulous in her notes and instructions, and her designs are unique and beautiful. It's no wonder, either, that she is a superb knitter. My youngest sweetie has a pair of custom ruffled capris that Lynne did for us this spring, and they're WONDERFUL. I'm secretly hoping they still fit her next spring/summer so I don't have to part with them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011