Sunday, July 24, 2011

At-Home Mom

Teething bites!
I promise I'm not trying to only blog once a month, but things happen. My oldest is quickly approaching the start of kindergarten on August 1st, and though we're home schooling there's plenty involved in getting ready for that step. My middle child is a moderately-to-severely effected sensory kid so we have an Occupational Therapist in and out of our home several times a week, and we're getting ready to start preschool with him to boot! Then the baby is just the baby- a teething, constantly-nursing, starting-to-walk, demanding baby closing in on her first birthday. Suffice it to say our house is in a constant state of semi-uproar with no end in sight! I love every minute of it. I'm working on being more diligent, though. Despite the fact that "Work" is first in the name WAHM, the "At-Home Mom" part is what actually comes first.

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