Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Week Down...

So September was supposed to be my "break" from WAHM work, but I over-committed a bit this summer, so part of this first week was used catching up. Part of that was finishing a gorgeous batch of Twisty Soakers on 2-ply undyed Cestari Merino for consignment at Petite Bottoms- A brick-and-mortar cloth diaper store in New Hampshire! I'm so excited to see how this newest business venture goes, and the owner of PB, Kim, was SO easy to work with. I look forward to getting more goods in her store in the future.
Once the soakers were on their way to the coast, I got to work on a piece for Miss R's winter woolie stash- A pair of Kumfy™ Pants on 3-ply Uruguayan Merino in "Xucua" by PureWool. I did them with the fold-over yoga-style waistband and a 1-inch cuff for growing room. I think she loves them!  I have quite a few more pairs planned for her, including a pair with an owl-cabled cargo pocket and double ruffles on Mosaic Moon's "Barn Owl" with green trim on Cestari, a pair of classic goes-with-everything neutral longies in PureWool's "Crema & Chocolate" colorway, a pair on Cestari dyed in "Silver Rain" by Eco-Wrapz, and a pair of wide lattice-cabled longies on "Zinnia" by Cestari. All of these in addition to the recycled wool leggins, skirts, dresses and jumpers I have queued up for her wardrobe, and I think my littlest is pretty well set for the winter.
Last night I started a new pattern I'd purchased with a plan but hadn't started yet. Aaryn is a beautiful yet fairly simple pattern by Julie of Libelle. I plan to knit one for each of the girls to extend the lives of their short-sleeved tees from the summer. I decided to start with the one for my bigger girl, Miss A, in a size 6. I figured it'd be wise to get the larger one knit first so the smaller would simply BREEZE by  when I got to it. Well, the size 6 is breezing fast enough! I started it last night after the kids were in bed, and tonight all I need to do is knit the sleeves, which are tapered and bound to be a quick knit despite their 11.5 inches in length. The pattern recommends using a size 7 needle, but I wanted a bit more ease in the garment so I'm knitting it on 8's. So far so good! I had my girl try it on once the body was finished to ensure I was doing the proper size for her. She was THRILLED that I was knitting something for her. Poor thing is getting so big it's becoming too time-consuming for me to knit for her very often. I need to get better about that. This Aaryn is being knit with 2-ply Cestari Merino in "Springtime Violet." Miss R's will match. Yes, I'm THAT mom.


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