Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've received plenty of hate mail because of my last post- most of them full of lies, name-calling, and remarkably trying to defend a particular writer who in no way, shape, or form was pointed to in the post(NO ONE was called out in particular in ANY way). But for every anonymous nastygram(ALL the nasties were anonymous. Seems they don't have the courage to be firm in what they believe and put their name on it?) I received at least five emails thanking me for telling it like it is, and encouraging me to continue standing up even if I'm standing alone. A good friend recently gave me this analogy and it's PERFECT here: There is an enormous elephant in the room, and not only are people ignoring it, but now the elephant is crapping all over the place, destroying the goodness around it, and nobody has the fortitude to stand up and say, 'HELLO! THERE IS AN ELEPHANT IN HERE AND HE STINKS! LETS GET HIM OUT!'

Case in point: Just last night a WAHM sent me an email saying a customer had asked her to do a garment with a clearly trademarked symbol on it. She politely declined siting legal issues. The customer came back insistent, exclaiming how there are SO many Etsy and similar WAHM shops that do exactly what she's asking, so how can it be illegal?

On another good note, I reposted this on a WAHM chat group and we have had a really great conversation about the topic, discussing ethics, helping each other figure out where the lines are, not only legally but ethically. We've not always agreed, but we've been truthful and discussed the topic and treated each other with respect. That is so encouraging and makes all the nastiness and lies I've been deleting here daily worth it. :-)

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