Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Theory

Life- Always happening faster than I can blink
So back in March I had grand plans of creating masterpieces and blogging to my heart's content. Then life happened. Daily. Creation only happened out necessity, and blogging just didn't happen at all. Life continues to happen, but writing is so dear to me- such an important part of who I am and something I enjoy
immensely- that I feel I should MAKE the time, even ten minutes a day, to write. So I am. Usually in my black and white notebook, but I am trying to get back to the blogging. I've taken so many detailed pictures of so many projects, dishes, etc, with the intent to use them for specific topics, tutorials, recipes, and more, but they all sit in my Flickr, unloved and many forgotten. Trying to retroactively fix that by sorting, deleting, taking notes, and making plans.
   Plans. I have so many of those. You know- like knitting my son's entire woolie stash BEFORE the winter, hand-making all gifts for the holidays, not waiting until last-minute to finish stockings, and , losing 55 pounds. At least I'm 12 pounds into the last one. That's about all I can say about that.
Rainbow Rice- Another intended blog topic
   Yet for some reason I continue to make lists. And another list and another and another and another- somehow I believe THIS NEXT ONE will be the list that magically organizes me and I get it all done. Not likely, I know, but I cannot seem to shake that mentality. It's just part of who I am. Like my knitting. I always have a knitting queue with yarn and patterns chosen for numerous outfits, perfect plans and intentions, but I've yet to complete a single queue. Ever. EVER. And I knit all the time. I suppose I'm just a glutton for punishment. Seems I remember blogging that term a fair few times before. Coincidence? No. I really am.
   Speaking of knitting, what's on the agenda? I'm currently working on a YYMN custom 2T/3T romper using my Kumfy™ Jumper pattern. The yarn the customer sent me is stunning handspun wool dyed by Mosaic Moon in her "Elements" colorway. Incredible stuff. The way the colors mix and the rows stripe is an entirely different look from the variegated colorways I usually work with. Even though this project has taken me three weeks now due to its size and it's STILL not finished, I am enjoying knitting it because it's a mystery how it'll stripe up on the next row.
The beginnings of a Kumfy™ Jumper with handspun MM Elements
   What's next? My next planned knitted project is an organic cotton outfit for Bitty Fluff's August 2nd stocking. It will be something small, quick, and new. I love those kinds of projects. They always bring the kind of nearly-instant-gratification often missing from knitted projects.
   And maybe, just maybe, I'll blog in the next week. Maybe.

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