Thursday, February 27, 2014

April Showers

As a work-at-home-mom of an original online clothing boutique, I have spent the months leading up to every season's change for the last 7 years at my sewing machines and knitting needles working up creative little imaginings for other people's children and their wardrobes. This past summer I had the immense joy of being able to make most of my youngest son's wardrobe. It was SO fun to plan, shop sales to gather the supplies needed, then watch everything take shape, right down to his winter coat. Since my official hiatus began in November I have worked on not just making the wardrobes for my youngest, but for all my kids. As spring is approaching, I am beginning to plan for this summer's wardrobes: shopping sales, choosing patterns- both from my stash and finding new ones, and mentally
making check lists of what else they may need. It's thrilling. The kind of high only a true craft junky would understand. As if sifting through bolts of fabrics wasn't enough of an inspiration, looking through my collection of scores and scores of patterns from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, Viola Lee, CreateKidsCouture, Violette Fields (and more!) and actually deciding which fabrics will be transformed into which garments is blissful. Add in the knitted woolies for the baby, vests for the boys like Milo and Pepo Pie, and cardigans and tops for the girls like Summer Days and Darwinia and I'm pretty much floating on cloud nine with not enough hours in the days- in a good way! 

What's on your spring and summer "To Knit" or "To Sew" list? 

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