Saturday, March 22, 2014


I love ruffles. LOVE! I love them SO much, in fact, that I broke my serger this past fall trying to sew together too many massive ruffles. There's just something incredibly sweet and pure about ruffles. Therefore, I put my girls in ruffles any chance I get. One of my go-to rufflicious patterns that is a wardrobe staple is the Ruffle Capris pattern by LaTeeDa Kids pattern shop on Etsy. You can easily modify it for inseam, hips, rise, and make the pattern last much longer than the 18 months to 6 years the guideline shows.

   Possibly my FAVORITE modification of all: Double ruffles. Yes. Double. Ruffles. For my oldest I can use it to lengthen the inseam. At 7 years old she's long and lean, needing a size 5/6 for width, but easily an 8 for length. Too add length I cut the first ruffle as directed by the pattern, then cut a second exactly the same width, but two inches longer, and complete the pattern as directed, just using two layers of ruffles instead of the one. My littlest girl, though, is pretty average in size so I can do her actual size and just make a second ruffle for each leg that is 1.5" shorter than the primary ruffle directed by the pattern. (The shorter ruffle is only 1.5" shorter instead of 2" like the longer ruffle because much shorter than that and the ruffle won't lay nicely with the one underneath. The proportions will seem similar to the naked eye.)
   You can also sew them longer to a custom inseam for pants. Or slimmer with knits. Or really anything to suit your needs! I high recommend this excellent pattern.

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