Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Essential Success: Treating a Virus Naturally

   They say you can tell a woman is a mother by how she responds to vomit: A mother runs toward it to catch it, and a non-mother runs away. Now I know this isn't true for all moms(and non-moms), but it's true for me. I'm totally a catcher, whether it be with my hands or pulling out the bottom of the front of my shirt to create a make-shift receptacle, and it's totally for selfish reason: because it's easier to take a shower and wash my clothes than it is to shampoo the carpet or clean upholstery. That said- I hate stomach bugs. At the first whimper of, "My tummy hurts," (to which I always respond, 'How much water have you drunk today? Do you need to poop?' because both of those cure 99% of ailments. I'm sure of it.) or as my third is most prone, the sudden and unexpected explosion of reversed peristalsis I go into over-drive. QUICK! Cover everything in sheets and remove every toy and book that CAN'T go in the dishwasher on high heat! Once everything is covered in drop cloths, non-washables are out of sight, the TV is turned on, every child is put on his or her own blanket with a big bowl or bucket and instructions not to move, then I can commence taking inventory of everyone's temperatures and symptoms, and treating what ails them. I may be one who runs toward the puke, but that doesn't mean I don't mind it. Blech!
   My younger sister swears by 100% grape juice. Once one kid has a tummy ache, everyone else drinks a cup of grape juice and they won't get sick. I'm so glad this works for her! For us it meant purple-stained
clothes and sheets.
   Several mommy friends are die-hard activated charcoal users for all things digestive. I have yet to be able to get my children to consume it no matter what I try. It very well might work! I have no idea.
   For us, fighting the viral onslaught of ANYTHING is a combination of things. Firstly, I start brewing a pot of "ginger lemonade," as my kiddos have come to call it:
Put into a glass(I use Pyrex) pitcher:
-1 organic grown-in-the-USA lemon, cut into 1/4's, squeezed, then put into the receptacle rinds and all
-1 inch raw organic ginger root, grated
Pour 4 cups boiled water into the pitcher. Let it stand 10-15 minutes, until it's cool enough for kiddos to drink. 

-1/4 cup raw, local honey
Stir to dissolve the honey.
Everyone drinks a cup of it, and if they're puking(if that's the virus we're fighting), they sip as they can tolerate it. Lemons are great for making the stomach and GI tract slightly acidic, makes it more difficult for the virus to proliferate, plus the vitamin C and essential oil in the rind are great for the immune system to help fight any virus already present, or defend against an approaching hoard. Raw honey is helpful not only for the flavor to make it more appealing, but it also has natural anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Ginger root is a well-known intestinal and stomach-soother, but it also helps the body absorb nutrients accompanying it- like the fore-mentioned immune-boosters.
   Once the ginger lemonade is brewing, I break out my trusty Thieves essential oil blend. For us Thieves has been incredibly powerful, all-natural, side-effect-free weapon to bolster our immune systems. It was named Thieves because of the way it was said to protect the users from catching the Bubonic Plague when they marauded the germ-infested homes and bodies of the defenselessly ill and recently deceased from the plague, and in my house we treat the dreaded throw-up bug like a plague. Every member of the family gets a drop rubbed into the arches of their feet where the pores are largest and the thin skin is close to the blood vessels, then a "back rub" of equal parts Thieves and extra virgin coconut oil rubbed up and down their spines where it can quickly and easily absorb into the central nervous system.

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*I am not a doctor. These are solely our personal experiences, or information from the stated sources. The statements made in this post have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.*

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