Monday, July 7, 2014

Naturally, I Like A Man That Smells Good

   In my urgent quest for better health for my family over the past three years, it became quickly apparent that what we put ON our skin matters as much as what we put in our mouths. The skin is the largest organ the body has, and it absorbs everything that it comes into contact with, putting it into contact with countless tiny capillaries and fat cells that can carry both the good and bad throughout our entire bodies. I decided right then I needed to phase out the chemical junk in our hygiene routines, and switch to all natural options instead.
   The biggest problem I found was that even when a company labeled its goods as "natural," it often was not. All it meant was that a fraction of its ingredients had to be a chemically convoluted substance that in some way started at a botanical level. SERIOUSLY?! In my search for better options I began looking into some products by a company my sisters were involved in selling because I had easy access and the labels claimed the products to be, "Made with natural ingredients." Google told me a hugely different story. By looking up the scientific information on each individual ingredient I found that several ingredients found in these and many other mass-produced "natural" products were literally made of microscopic fiberglass shards, and that's how they had such "incredible absorption and smoothing, anti-aging effects"- because they were shredding the epidermal and dermal skin cells, forcing the body to replace the destroyed skin cells, thus creating the 'fresh, youthful, glowing skin' touted to be effected. Additionally, those dead cells had great potential to morph into cancerous skin cells because of the way they were killed and the chemicals present that influenced the mutation during the healing process. WHAT?! The commonly-used "natural" anti-aging components? They scientifically are simply mummifying the skin. Sure, your wrinkles will disappear, but at what cost? Daily exposure to trace amounts of known carcinogens while you think you're spending extra money and going the extra mile to do something better for your body. FRAUD! And yet the government allows it through some twisted, ridiculous standards.
  So I started looking super basic. The kind of hand-made products that have every single ingredient listed, where nothing needed to be Googled for clarification, and the ingredient list was a short sentence, not a lengthy paragraph. I found a few acceptable products, some more effective than others.
   Then in March my husband decided he'd had enough of his itchy beard, and he wanted some beard oil. Nobody likes beard-druff. Google led us to an Etsy shop- Luxe Pour Homme by G. His prices were good, his ingredient lists were excellent, and his feedback was limited but all fantastic. So we ordered. The package arrived quickly, in beautiful, all natural, completely recycled/recyclable, classy wrapping, and with a handful of samples. Firstly, the conditioning beard oil smelled incredible. The orange sandalwood scent my husband chose was 100% natural and pure, rich and yet soft. Not at all overwhelming. As for effectiveness? With just a couple drops after his shower the itchy skin beneath the beard was immediately soothed, and his beard was very soft and supple, which was a total win for both of us. Have you ever made out with a man with a rugged beard? It's rough! Get it? Haha.... No seriously. The after-burn can be painful.
   In addition to the beard oil, my husband had received a natural cologne sample. He gave it a try and was very pleased. After perusing Greg's shop and his available scents and ingredient lists, my husband asked me to email and ask about samples of a couple other intriguing options. Within days Greg had sent not only what we'd asked for, but a sample of every single natural cologne he made, as well as a full bar of one of his new soaps. Above and beyond, this artisan! My husband and I both fell in love with his scent, Deep Faith- a mix of Sicilian blood orange and black pepper. It worked amazingly with his body chemistry, and mixed nicely with the beard oil. The cologne was wonderfully effective- just a few drops or a light spritz was enough to be noticeable without being overpowering, and the sample size lasted more than a month!
   This last order my husband placed, he chose the roll-on cologne in Deep Faith. Super convenient in just a
quick swipe on the neck and wrists are plenty without wasting a spray that misses the target. He also ordered Luxe Pour Homme's powerful naturally deodorizing charcoal soap in the same scent. Again, customer service was superior, shipping was in less than 24 hours, and the items were tastefully wrapped in eco-friendly packaging to protect the glass containers inside.
   Neither I nor my husband can recommend this Etsy shop highly enough. Customer service has always been incredible, with near-instant communication responses by email, fast shipping, generous samples of other products, and responsible packaging, and the goods themselves have been superior to any others we've tried, handmade or mass-produced. Add in the simple, all-natural ingredient lists, and we could not be any more pleased. Give Greg a shot. There's no way you'll be disappointed.

*I am in no way affiliated with Luxe Pour Homme by G, and received no incentive or compensation for my review. I'm just a pleased repeat customer! :-) *

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