Monday, March 9, 2015

Listen to Your Heart

   So often lately people have asked me, "I wish I could take your pain away. Is there anything I can do for you?" Unless I happen to be almost out of toilet paper or really craving chocolate the answer is usually no- and if I DO need TP or chocolate people are always surprised but eager to help in such a simple way. But simplicity is the best way! Maybe it's just my heart and my personality, but practical gifts are the best gifts. They mean some one was thinking of me, that I was on their heart and they wanted to give me a physical symbol of their love and care. That means more than anything. When they give something so practical and heart-felt it means they not only thought of me and wanted to show their love, but they thought about the details of my daily life and that represents relationship.
   But how often do you get that feeling like you want to do something for some one but are inhibited for some reason? Like maybe some one will think you're silly or won't get your intention? I am an introvert by nature so I get that feeling before I say pretty much anything I say or do. I am learning, though, to listen to that instinctual thought the moment it pops up, because every single time it has been meaningful to others, and every single time I've ignored it I've regretted that. We just never know how much something seemingly small and insignificant will mean to some one else.
   Take, for example, a packet of seeds. A friend whom I have not seen in two years sent a card and packet of seeds to me. When I received it in the mail today my heart was so blessed. Not only had she thought about me and cared enough to send me a card to tell me she was thinking of me, but she included this packet of seeds because she knows from my Facebook posts that I'm excited to plant a garden at my new home this spring- She even looked for an organic variety!- and sent me a packet of beautiful flower seeds to plant in memory of my Asher.  She knows me even without talking every day or even every week. She took what she knows of me from our relationship and sent me a packet of seeds. It meant so much to me that I cried. Happy tears of gratefulness for this sweet friend and her simple action that blessed my heart filled my eyes, and met a practical need all at once. Because I've said NOTHING about what I'm planning for my garden anywhere on social media or in a text of any sort, I know she had know idea that this exact variety of this exact flower was on my 'to buy for planting' list. But she listened to her heart, stepped out on a limb, and sent me this packet of seeds that was a beautiful gesture and met a practical need, all while she had no idea. That's why you should listen to your heart when it tells you something. Be soft enough in your spirit that you can hear your heart when it prods, and follow through. It can mean so much more than you can fathom to some one who really needs some love. 

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