Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blessed Mother's Day

   It's Mother's Day! Hoorah. I'm so blessed to be a mama. I was told at 19 I'd likely never conceive and carry to term, but here I am eternally blessed with four children Earth-side, and two in Heaven.
   My husband blessed me with a wonderful day. He informed me when we woke up that we were going to breakfast. When we arrived at our first choice before 8am, there was already a half-hour wait. Seems giving moms a morning off from cooking was not a unique idea. Our second choice was close-by and had no wait, so we ended up with a really nice, quiet, unhurried breakfast anyway.
   Then we went bargain hunting. I never imagined myself to be one who would be at the doors of a store waiting for it to open so I could get good deals on a holiday, but that's what happened today. I had Kohl's Cash expiring today, a Kohl's Rewards coupon for $30 off, and a 'today only' 20% off code- all that I could stack- and we ate breakfast so early that we were the first ones in the store. Several more stores and clearance rack searches later, and my kids' summer wardrobes were completed for 60-80% off. I call that a good shopping day.
   Several errands later, and it was closing in on lunch time. Yesterday we attended a fun community festival where Noodles & Co. was a sponsor, and we received two free meal vouchers. Lunch at a bargain, too? Yes, thank you. I'm an introvert by nature- I keep to myself, I love being home with my family, happily enjoying a rather boring day. Days out with lots of errands like this are usually really stressful to me, but today was so quiet and happy, relaxed, full of stops but with no timetable or crowds(once we left that first breakfast stop), and bargain shopping(and eating! LOL) to boot made it so nice.
  Then we came home and gardened! Much of my garden did not do well upon first planting. First there was a feisty pup who got in there and did some digging. He's now been trained not to go in garden(he has a healthy fear of the water hose). Then there was the attack of the ants. Diatomaceous Earth has hopefully taken care of that problem. Then there was the case of the mole eating the softened seeds after we planted them for peas and beans. The mole has been taken care of(thanks, kitties!), so we gave it one last go. Beans are replanted, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and watermelon seedlings are in. It's like a giant sigh of relief to have all that done.
   Once the children were all napping I wrapped my arms around my husband and thanked him for the wonderful day. He gave me a weird look, doubting my words, but I assured him that to be so productive was nice for me, knowing those things were checked off my list, and getting to spend the day with just him and the kids no matter where we were was so nice. I still don't know if he believes me, but it's true. It's been a great day.

Do you Instagram? I recently quit Facebook(if you're seeing this from my Facebook it's because my blog posts are sent to my Facebook by default) and don't have time to write full posts here as much as I'd like, so I started an Instagram for sharing snippets of our days with friends and family.

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