Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Fever

We're changing gears and turning our minds to spring. Across the states and Europe, the spring warm-up will soon begin. Some places won't see it for a little bit longer than others, but here in New York, we have Spring Fever. To keep us busy while we ride out the last of the winter, we're getting our projects on the warm-weather track.
We're brainstorming for new ideas, and revamping old ones. Spring is a time for growth and new beginnings, and we look forward to it. We're working on a few new patterns, sales, and themed-stocking concepts. We're on the look-out for fabrics and yarns that will bring some spring to the blustery winter that will linger for another month or two.

We stocked WAHM Nation on Wednesday, January 20th with Valentine's Day in mind. Twirly skirts are fun and versatile to wear, and fun to make! My 3-year-old daughter enjoyed helping me pick out the fabrics. I know she's hoping for another twirly skirt of her own!
One new item on KumfyKozies is the Twirly Dress. We've been doing them for our own little sweeties for months now, and a few custom orders as well, but now we're shortening the sleeves, and bringing them out for stockings. We gave it a jazzy little sleeve, and are focusing on bright, happy colors and prints for fabrics. Pair with a cardigan or on its own, the Twirly Dress is perfect for the sunshine in your life.
Some may call it premature, but we're excited for Spring. We stocked our first pair of shorties in our last stocking on Wednesday. Another pair in a size larger is on the needles, hopefully to be finished for this Wednesday's stocking. We're doing things a little longer than normal shorts, but not quite longies. Depending on the inseam, they'll fit as board shorts that hit at or just below the knee, for a wide-legged fit like board shorts or capris. Because of it's hardy nature and resistance to pilling, we're using Peace Fleece for the larger sizes. We love the colors and flecks of variation that is signature of Peace Fleece, and are adding fun cuffs and cables to spice up the beutiful simplicity.

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