Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cables Galore

I've officially called it quits on the shorties knitting season. Unless my son suddenly needs more, I am done knitting shorties for the year. Most people will have all the shorts they need by now, so anything still hanging around will be clearanced in August before the baby moon, or sealed up and packed away for next Spring.
I finished the my shorties knitting season with a lovely pair of cabled shorties on Peace Fleece, in their Hemlock colorway. It's such a gorgeous, rich green, this colorway has made it to my all-time favorite colorways list. It also didn't hurt that my favorite color has always been green. I plan to get in on the next Peace Fleece co-op to buy a few skeins of this glorious colorway for the winter wooly stashes of my own children.
I am also SO excited that I finished my first official project for my new little miracle on the way. I used single-ply undyed Uruguayan Merino wool, and followed the Twisty Trousers pattern by Cabbages and Kings. The Twisties came out so sweet and tiny, not to mention buttery-soft, I am really excited to get my little one here and into these woolies.
Since I currently have no one to knit for but my own sweeties, I am tackling a large task at the moment: A Maxi Dress for my big girl in 5T. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash wool in their Jellybean colorway, with a matching purple trim. I'm making good progress thus far, constantly spurred on by my girl asking, "Mama, are my knitties done yet? Will they be done after dinner, Mama?" Poor girl does not understand that it's going to take her busy mama a good week to knit a project this size, though I am finished with the bodice and well into the skirt now. Hopefully I can surprise her and have it finished for Sunday.

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