Friday, September 19, 2014

The Quick and Dirty on Essential Rewards

So you did it! You took the plunge and joined Young Living. I did it for the awesome discount- how about you? Can you REALLY beat better health, no chemicals, AND 24% off retail?! Eventually your starter kit(You went premium, right? $150 for $300 value- 11 oils, a
$116.45 retail value = COMPLETELY FREE
With 88.5 Essential Rewards Points
premium diffuser, and a whole bunch of samples and information on using them
) will run out, and you without a doubt will find yourself needing more. If you’re like me, you’re looking for the least expensive route to do that. Does this surprise you? I was serious when I said I joined for the discount.  What I found was Essential Rewards.
   Essential Rewards is Young Living’s optional monthly auto-ship program. *gasp!* I thought this was a no-commitment thing! Luckily Young Living’s monthly order program is super simple, SUPER flexible, and you get amazing rewards and further discounts just for using it to get your EO needs met so even though there is no commitment you’re going to WANT to opt-in. Young Living has a page with the ER FAQ’s(Link here), but here’s the quick and dirty of how it breaks down:
Low minimum order. The minimum order is 50 PV(product value). That usual  equals $50, but sometimes there is a small discrepancy depending on the product you’re ordering.
Same date every month. You get to choose the date you would like your ER to process, and that day every month your order will be processed. No surprises. Ever.
Flexibility. You can order whatever you want. Up until midnight on the day your order is set to process you can change your order any way you like to make it exactly what you need. No commitment to certain products or anything. Also, Young Living has a ‘grace month.’ That means once a year you can call Customer Care and let them know you need to take that month off from having and ER order and that’s a-okay, no penalization whatsoever. 
Preferential treatment. Any time Young Living is running low on a product they look at their ER orders and fill them first, even if they're days or weeks in advance. You're committed to them and they're committed to you. 
Monthly promotions. Every month Young Living has promotions for their ER enrollees. These are completely free products that are added to your order each month just for spending a certain amount(levels are usually around $150, $250, and $300) on your ER order. Full bottles of oils, supplements, and accessories just for buying what you need anyway.
Discounted flat rate shipping! My second favorite thing about ER. Young Living has really reasonable shipping through FedEx on all their orders, but for Essential Rewards order you are charged a flat $6.98(in the continental USA, $12.50 for HI and AK) and that’s IT! That’s a full $1.00 less than the minimum shipping for any other order.
Essential Rewards Points! My favorite thing about ER! With every order you get what are called ER points. This is a percentage(10% of your first six months of ER, 15% for the second six months, and 20% forever after that) of your ER order given back to you to spend “dollar-for-dollar” on Young Living products. For example, once you have 23.5 ER points you can call up Customer Care and order a bottle of lavender for absolutely nothing but the shipping.

Need to stop getting a monthly order indefinitely? No penalty! All it means is that if you ever re-start Essential Rewards, your ER percentage starts over at the beginning. 

That’s it! Yes, it’s a commitment, but with great perks(inexpensive flat rate shipping, free product promos, and points with every order for MORE free products!) that make it worth it. Yes, it might be too much for some families- I really get it! But it’s also worth it if there’s any way your family can swing it. 

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