Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kid Favorites: Quesadillas

   As schools let out for summer, my Facebook feed and inbox are filling with a common request: Give me ideas for lunches for my kids. As homeschoolers, we uniquely do not face this predicament with the change of seasons because for us it's like summer all year. Therefore, I have lots of ideas, because I'm making kid-friendly lunches year round. I'm going to TRY to make a few posts over the next week or so with my kids' favorite lunches to help answer the summer 'What's for lunch' question.
   First up: quesadillas. My kids all love quesadillas, and I love that I can make them allergy-friendly and quickly. They're also a great vehicle for healthier stuff my kids might otherwise balk about.

The first ingredient is tortillas. You can make a really yummy, basic cheese quesadilla with JUST a handful of cheese and a tortilla. I like to put things like cooked ground beef or turkey, shredded chicken or pork, homemade refried beans, or like today: Cowboy Caviar. Yep, the same stuff I wrote about earlier this week in Salad Day!

Just spread it all around, but not a thick layer or it'll mess with the texture of the cheese. Now the cheese. We like a variety on our quesadillas like cheddar, colby jack, and Monterrey Jack. A handful sprinkled on, spread evenly around leaving an edge around the outside so it doesn't immediately overflow when the cheese melts. 

Top it with another tortilla, then cook it! I prefer the George Foreman grill. We have the family size grill and it fits two full size quesadillas side-by-side. 

Two minutes later: 

So yummy, and not awful when you fill it with good stuff. My kids top theirs with the likes of sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, and guacamole. Today I topped mine with Avocado Salad(more goodies from my Salad Day! post). 


What're some of your kid-friendly lunch favorites?

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