Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can it Really Be? Something for ME!

   I never do things for myself. EVER. With one exception: Absolute need. Like a quick repair or alteration,
or the realization that the kiddos put MY winter hat on the snowman which is now buried beneath 18 inches of snow SOMEWHERE in the yard. Then and only then I'll make the time to whip up a quick something for myself.
   Three years ago I decided to change that. For my birthday in 2011 my parents gave me a new Bible. I was so excited, and immediately began searching Pinterest for a pattern for the perfect cover/carrying case for it. I had a vision in mind, though, and I was not about to settle. I mean, if I'm going to do something for myself, I'm going to do it right so I'm not flooded with regret over the time and resources wasted every time I see or use it. It had to be sturdy. It had to be customizable. It had to have room for my pens and church notes and announcements- pockets, preferably- and it had to look nice. Beautiful, even. And in its beauty it needed to be able to stand up to a beating of tramplings when it's forgotten on the floor of the van where I will inevitably forget it from time to time when I am buckling four kids into car seats. It also needed to be convenient for carrying when I drop the purse(aka diaper bag) off with the baby in the nursery, and EASY enough for any of my children to carry should I need to hand it off while juggling a baby, a mammoth purse stuffed with anything the kids might need, and a coffee cup. Finally I found exactly the right thing: the Scripture Cover tutorial by Delia Creates. Perfection! I even pulled some of my hoarded Kumari Garden Holiday fabric from Dena Designs in my stash for the project. And then it sat. For two long years.
   Until this Christmas, that is. As of November I am no longer a work-at-home-mom, so my creations are exclusively for US- whether it be my friends or my family. It has been such fun to make things solely for loved ones without a concern about them selling, being the right size, the right season, or risking a favorite fabric I'd love to use for MY kids on inventory that may or may not sit, and just in general not feeling the love for something I literally put my whole heart into creating. This Christmas I decided to do a gift for me: my Bible cover that was forever being pushed further and further down the "To Sew" list. I'm so glad I did. It's beautiful. It's exactly what I'd wanted. It's a snippet of my favorite fabric collection just for ME to look at. It feels good. Now to find another project for myself to take ANOTHER three years to make...

Have you recently made anything for yourself? 

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