Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Pattern Love

   I've always been a big fan of ruts. I find a nice, comfortable one and I stay there in every way I possibly can. Recently my older sister half-joking, half-seriously stated that I am "CEEEE-MEN-TED" into one of my ruts. I'd venture to say I am that way to most. I just like the predictable, the routine, the things I know are a sure thing. Occasionally, though, I branch out and try something new. Most of the time it's a one-time-thing, but I give myself credit for trying something new. Sometimes, though, I LOVE what I've found. Sometimes it makes its own new rut.
   One recent "new" thing I tried: The Made-By-Rae Geranium Dress sewing pattern. In fact, I liked it so much I bought it in every size, birth through girls 12. Immediately I sewed a size 8 for my big girl with some fabric she'd found during the fall, and she loved it to. Every morning that she sees her "Foxy" dress hanging clean in her closet, she puts it on with either a brown or red tee underneath(it is winter, after all). And she wants more. Makes a mama's heart squeal when one of her babies so loves a creation like that. That's probably why, aside from the fact that it's a quality, well-written, easy to modify, tons of options and frills pattern, I love it so much. And it's why if you invite me to a girly baby shower or have a girl and invite my kids to her party, you're likely going to end up with one of these in a gift bag.
12-24 months Pepo Pie vest
   Another "new" rut I am working on working into coziness: The Pepo Pie. Nope, not food. The vest pattern by Joeli Caparco. It is a snappy, dapper little garment, a quick knit, SUPER easy, and ridiculously adorable. Not to mention: It's a fantastic excuse to use a less expensive solid or semi-solid yarn and go all-out with some stunning custom buttons like the ones made by my all-time favorite button maker, Tessa Ann Designs. The pattern is a little obscure and could easily be confusing for an extreme novice, but once you've knit it once it all comes together, makes sense, and you'll knit it again. And again. And again. I knit my first the first week of October. I'm now working on my fourth, three months later. It's one of those quick, easy knits that everyone gasps over, amazed that "you knit that?!" and is a fantastic little show piece to go with every outfit. My own littlest guy wore his for Thanksgiving dinner with my family in Durham, and my grandma who has been knitting for decades and taught ME to knit 23 years ago adored it as well. THAT takes the cake above all. Well, maybe not ALL. The BEST was when my 5-year-old last week asked if I'd knit one for him with some "Silly Mr. Mustache buttons" we spotted on sale at the craft store.  It always thrills me when my kids request handmade goods. THAT is a sure sign of raising 'em right: when your kids love handmade and are "Vocal for local" of all kinds. In my opinion, anyway. ;-)
   Have you tried a new pattern lately? Doesn't matter the craft. I'd love to hear about it. Maybe
it'll even inspire me to step out of a rut and try something new, too. :-)

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