Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chronic Start-Over

I used to blog several times a day. For YEARS. Now I'm lucky if I have time once a month. The New Year of course is a great time to recommit to blogging, right? RIGHT?! I say yes.
   For starters, what have I been up to for the last 6 weeks? Oh, not much. Just a move half-way across the country, two holidays away from everything we've ever known, and a four-week battle with RSV running through our entire family from the youngest to the oldest. Aside from that? Some knitting, of course. A flouncy, ruffled, cabled skirt for my oldest for Christmas using the beautiful Sea Anemone pattern by the supremely talented Elena Nodel. Did the math for a free-handed hoody for my son and LOVED it, so I'm working out the numbers and simple
instructions to make it a freebie on my pattern shop. Other ideas for more fun knits are always brewing, but the determining factor is how much time my littles allow me for brain function AND knitting. That kind of time comes at a serious premium these days when homeschooling kids who are 7, 5, and 3, and keeping a handle on my 9-month-old Mr. Go-Go-Eat-Every-Crumb-and-Pebble-I-Find.... who is currently sitting beside me gnawing on a sheep from his Little People nativity set and a silicone bracelet from SmileSunshine Designs. The sheer fact that I've typed this much this quickly with him awake is a miracle in itself.
   In preparation for our move, I downsized my stash by more than half. I'm sure a 30-gallon tote of mixed woven fabrics, an 18-gallon tote of knit fabrics, and a 30-gallon tote of yarns is obscene for some, but, well-
I'm a hoarder when it comes to fibers. This is tiny for me, and everything I have has a purpose. One special splurge from my stash: dipping into my collection of Dena Designs' Kumari Holiday wovens for a over for my bible. I found a fantastic tutorial on Pinterest that will work really well for a cover and convenient for carrying when it's not in the diaper bag.
   Next on the needles is a Pepo Pie vest for my big guy using KnitPicks DK Swish and some clearance buttons I found that he fell in love with, then one last pair of longies to round out Little Guy's winter woolies stash. Last but not least on my list for this first month of the New Year: A pair of socks for my nephew's upcoming 7th birthday. *If you have any pattern suggestions for  Fingering or DK weight yarn, I'd love to have them!*

   So what are the crafty plans for the New Year? What's in the queue for this year? Or just this month? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you moved safely, and your big guy's hoody looks awesome!

    As for your question I'm making my own big guy a hoody (size 12 eek!) and at some point I'll probably make myself a sweater as well beyond that IDK a years a long time.