Tuesday, October 21, 2014

KCW Day 2: Cloth Diaper Friendly Jeans!

My youngest rocking his "Kumfy™ Pants"-
Knit wool pants that are a garment and a diaper cover
Many years ago it became apparent that jeans on my kids' thighs were just not happening. Compounded with the extra fluff from cloth diapers and there was NO way my kids were ever ever going to be able to join the 'dressed like a mini adult' trend. Not that I mind! I think babies should be dressed like babies, and be allowed the comfort of soft, snugglish clothes (Hence the name "KumfyKozies"), but every now and then I wished jeans were an option for my toddlers. That's when, once again, necessity birthed an invention and I created my original Kumfy™ Jeans pattern. But there was a twist: No two toddlers are shaped alike! By using my base formula, I was able to create hundreds of custom-fit cloth-diaper and chunk-friendly jeans for toddlers. They were a top-seller in my shop for three years before I closed. I have been asked more times than I can count if I am going to publish my Kumfy™ Jeans pattern. As of now, the answer is no. I have looked into pattern-making software for sewn goods, and it is always far more of an investment than I am willing to make. Add to that the custom nature of every single pair Kumfy™ Jeans I make, and it just kind of seems like it'd ruin the nature of the concept itself.
So I sew. Lots. For my own kids, too! Thus the reason why that was my first pattern to use for Kids Clothes Week. Custom jeans for my 35-inch tall 33-pound 18-month-old.
   As soon as I tucked my guy in for a nap, I got the dishwasher running, brewed a cup of coffee, and got out my supplies. Of course I was distracted countless times- a dryer that buzzed and signaled another load of laundry in the never-ending line needed to be started, a 4-year-old in crisis because she couldn't find the show she wanted on Netflix, a- 7-year-old had trouble with some long division in her math lesson, and a 6-year-old was offered cash-money to fold and put away a load of towels for me so I could keep going- but in the end I was able to spend an hour getting the job done. Fabric is 100% cotton denim, medium weight and dark wash from JoAnns. $14.99/yard, but I never pay full price for ANYTHING. Thread for the seams is a variegated orange and a turquoise for top-stitching. Colors are such because they match the intended tee that is to come, hopefully later today. Elastic is 1-inch non-roll from Dritz.
 Just as I was ready to thread the elastic through the waistband, my toddler woke up. For once in his adorable little life, he sat on my lap and allowed me to finish. He doesn't usually. Typically, he must have my full and undivided attention, and I must be ready to accommodate HIS desired activity- which is never to sit quietly on my lap while I sew. For this I am very grateful.
  After the blanket of yesterday(YES! I DID IT! Pics to come.) and the jeans of today, I can officially say my mojo is back. I am EXCITED to get something else sewn. Now to find the balance in the ever-tedious relations between motherhood, homeschooler, avid knitter with commitments, and passionate seamstress.
Without further ado, my precious guy, fresh up from his nap, in his new custom jeans that will give him length to grow for the whole winter even with my refusal to do anything but cold wash/rinse and high heat dry on my dark laundry. I laugh in the face of shrinkage. BAH!

Sweet pudgy toddler toes

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