Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Taking Pain Meds Before Vaccines Can Hurt Not Help

*This is not a debate about vaccines. Every family is responsible for researching vaccines for their own families and weighing the risks and benefits for themselves.* 

Once upon a time I was a first time mom, and I listened to every bit of advice I was given. When I was told by the pediatrician my daughter's bloodied face was "just sensitive skin" and nothing else, I listened. Then I got sick of seeing my newborn's body broken out in a cracked and rubbed-raw, bleeding rash, so I took matters into my own hands, tracked my food consumption, and figured out she was allergic to soy and peanuts. Once we cut those out of my diet, my breastfed baby was the picture of health and clear skin. When the same pediatrician told us at her 9-month check-up that she was bigger than most 1-year-olds and developmentally on-par with 1-year-olds therefore he saw no problem with us turning her car seat forward-facing, I listened. Then several mamas in an online parenting group lovingly private messaged me with information on the laws and reasoning behind rear-facing to AT least 1, but better to 2 or the RFing limits of the convertible car seat.
When I was told my son was just terribly naughty and "just being a boy" that required more discipline, I listened. Then I got sick of constantly disciplining him which didn't help, but rather left our home in constant upheaval and misery, I listened to my gut, did research, and had my son evaluated. We found out he had a serious neurological disorder that was the root of his impulsiveness, extreme tantrums that were actually panic attacks, and more.
When nurses at the pediatrician's office told me to give my child the max possible dose of Tylenol or Ibuprofen before coming to the check-ups where they'd be vaccinating because it would help prevent pain, swelling, and fever, I listened. Then my children starting having more severe vaccine reactions, including full-blown Measles from the MMR vaccine. That's when I started looking into the inflammatory system and how the body is actually affected by the likes of Tylenol and Motrin. That's when I discovered how dangerous administering these meds before vaccines could be, and how it was very likely playing a role in my children's severe vaccine reactions.
   How do pain meds like Tylenol and Iburprofen work? 
Believe it or not, swelling and fever are GOOD things. They mean your immune system is doing exactly what it should do, and is working to heal the wound, kill viral and bacterial attackers, and creating antibodies to the vaccine that was just introduced into the body. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW VACCINES WERE MEANT TO WORK. By administering these medications at any time, you are suppressing the body's immune response and not allowing it to heal itself. There are times when this can be temporarily beneficial- like in the case of high fevers when natural remedies (cool baths, cooling essential oils, cold drinks, disrobing, etc) are not effective enough and the fever is high enough to cause seizures or death. Or in the instances where swelling is so severe it can cause further injury, like in the case of head injury when brain swelling can cause stroke, hemorrhage, and death. These are extreme instances, but chemically interfering with the body's own healing processes SHOULD be extreme. Unfortunately it has become all too common-place. Like in the instances of administering anti-inflammatories 30 minutes before vaccines are administered to help prevent pain, swelling and fever. By doing this you are suppressing the immune system and are increasing the likelihood of serious reactions from the vaccines. The sole purpose of vaccines is to trigger an immune response within the body. To suppress the immune response even for the 14 days following a vaccine(during the time when a reaction is most likely to occur) is to increase the likelihood of adverse reactions by incredible numbers.
Doubt it? Read medical journal articles on how Ibuprofen products and Acetaminophen products suppress the immune system in exactly this way HERE and HERE. Even the CDC states not to
vaccinate people when they are already sick or immune-suppressed. So why are doctor's offices telling parents to suppress their children's immune systems chemically before being vaccinated? For the same reason we're told a number of things that we as parents find to be contrary to what is right for our families. Because it is up to us as parents to understand and advocate for our children. So please, PLEASE, if you take your child or yourself in to receive a vaccine, PLEASE- skip the immune-suppressant. Your lives very well might depend on it. 

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