Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KCW Day 3: Acorn and Sparkle Monster

All set up for some rainy day sewing
Today was a great day to sew! Dreary, cold, and the big kids were finished with schoolwork and happy to snuggle up in blankets and enjoy some screen time when the baby napped. I think I have figured out the magic formula of balance and harmony. The "problems" are that I cannot sew when Badger's awake, but I can knit. I cannot sew at night when Hubby is in the office working on homework, but I can cut fabric. I can pretty much work knitting in various times of the day during homeschooling, and in the evenings in my "down time." So if I can get things accomplished so I have my hour to sew during nap time, then when the kids are in bed for the night I can cut out the next day's sewing. After the cutting is done, as well as any other time I have the opportunity, I can knit. I am so excited about continuing to implement this routine, it's kind of ridiculous.
   First I decided on tees to coordinate with yesterday's jean's with orange and blue stitching, I made two different style tees. Patrick Curved Raglan using a large cotton interlock Moose with Shoes scrap a friend gave me more than a year ago, and coordinating cotton interlock solids for the neckline and the embellishment. I decided if the sleeves were going to be print, too, the tee needed something to break it all up. I contemplated a moose (you know, Moose with Shoes and all), but in the end picked an acorn from the print for ease of application. I think it came out perfectly! Better than I'd imagined.
   Next I did a Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover. The fabrics used? Yeah, funny story about that.
So, I love a good deal. I'll admit, I've even been known to buy something I had no need for simply because it was on sale and I could find SOMETHING to do with it. I know, I know- that's how all
You can totally see the sparkles, can't you?
I never said my eyes were great. 
hoarders start, isn't it?
 So I was in JoAnns one day, and I glanced over a Red Tag Clearance rack as I walked past. A bolt of orange knit fabric caught my eye. I checked the bolt end, and it was 100% cotton like I like, and the weight felt perfect. It also didn't hurt that it was on a GREAT sale and I had a few prints it could coordinate with, so despite the fact that I hadn't sewn in six months, I bought it. Fast forward to last night, when I had the kids asleep for the night and I pulled out the fabric, patterns, and supplies to cut out the next day's projects, then proceeded to get everything prepped for today's hour of sewing. Fast forward again to today, when I pulled out my prepped fabric cuts and notions, and was kind of appalled. When I unfolded my pieces for this tee, I noticed for the first time that the fabric was covered in silver sparkles. *sigh* Seriously? Apparently it'd been folded sparkle side in, and when I prepped it in the wash I had coincidentally pulled it from the dryer and re-folded it the same way, and last night in the dimly-lit dining room I'd not noticed, either. This morning, however, it was glaringly obvious. I debated not using it, then I decided if there was a ever a tee that seemed acceptable(sparkle fabric makes me think 'costume' more than anything) with silver sparkles, it'd be this that I'd already cut a coordinating Monster Rocks print pouch pocket for. So the fabrics are all 100% cotton interlocks knits- my favorite of all knits because they're more substantial than jersey and keep their shape better than rib knits.
Again, Mr. Fresh Nap Face, obliging me with wardrobe changes and semi-cooperation for photos:

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