Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Creative Catch-Up

   I always have the best plans. THE best. Rarely, though, do they come so fruition. Instead they stay in the 'plans and ideas' category and make me feel disappointed I never accomplished them.
   For example: In February we had a "HUGE SNOW STORM" for this area of the country. For the area of the country where I lived my entire life until 2013, it was nothing, but for here it was Earth-shattering and brought the region to a standstill. In our housebound-ness I started sewing. I took meticulous pics, prepared for a DIY tutorial, and then.... nothing. After the Snowpocalypse ended life got too busy, pictures sat stagnant in a file, then none of it was relevant anymore. I made two dresses, a travel carrying case for my essential oils, jeans, skirts, and 3 dozen cloth wipes and hankies. But alas, they never made it here. The best laid plans...
   So what have I been up to? Moving. Gardening. Child-raising. Puppy-training. Struggling to get by emotionally. Besides that? A little knitting. A Little Nutbrown Hare hat- precious pattern, by the way. Well worth the details, and the author is just as adorable, sweet, and helpful if you have questions.

Now I'm working on Sugar Crystals, a knitted pattern I'm testing for a designer, using sport weight yarn(I chose KnitPicks Shine Sport in "Robot") and some lovely lacework in panels down the front sides on either side of the buttons bands and down the center of the back. This one is a size 9/10 for my oldest, hopefully replacing her size 8 classic grey Gymboree cardi that I bought last summer and she has almost outgrown. 

Unblocked lace down the back of the tester
   Truth be told, I shouldn't have signed up for this tester because I really don't have the time, but I wanted so badly to pour my heart into something for one of my babies, and I can usually find a snippet of a day here and there to get some work done. It's precious time when I typically have a child or a pup snuggled up to me while I try to knit, but it's good. My heart still hurts most days, and my mind struggles when it's not focused or sleeping. I bought enough of the same yarn to do one for my second daughter, if I dare, once this is finished. We'll see if THAT stays in the 'plans' bin, too.

Morning attempt at knitting with a four-year-old tucked in my wing

As for sewing? It's been a while. I had plans to sew my girls Easter dresses from fabric I bought LAST YEAR for the same purpose, but two years in a row now it has not happened. Shall this become a running joke? I sure hope not! Up next for the machines: Kids Clothes Week! Once every season the ladies at KCW challenge home sewers to spend one hour each day for that week sewing for their own kids. This season is fast approaching: April 20-26. The theme is Wild Things, meaning all things animal. I am so excited. I can do so much with this for all of my kids. Now I just need to plan. Because I need to do some stash-busting, I see appliques of all kinds on my future. 

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