Tuesday, April 21, 2015

KCW Day 1: Lunch for Aphids

So I'm a day late on my post, but I promise I wasn't late with my sewing. Yesterday was day 1 of spring 2015 Kids Clothes Week. The day was dismal, mostly overcast, oppressively humid, and frustratingly chaotic. Finally, at 9:30pm I was free to sew. The catch: I hadn't touched my machines since I had a disastrous multi-needle-breaking sewing day back in February. They had to be set up from moving(they'd been pulled from their boxes and set on my table, but that was it!), cleaned, oiled, and re-needled before I could even think about threading,..
   But I did it. I got the machines out, fabric chosen, pattern decided on and pulled from a boxed in the corner, and started to cut. For the first time in ages, the sewing went flawlessly. Something always wrong. It's just how it goes. But not this time. I suppose I was being rewarded for my persistence in getting Day 1 done.
   Speaking of persistence, I also finished a knitted WIP nearly a month in the making yesterday. That's what kept me busy until 9:30pm(you know, household, husband, pets, gardening, and kids aside). I was insistent I would finish this knit yesterday. My goal had been Sunday and yesterday was Monday. It was a day late, but it was done. It was a test knit for a new Gabrielle Danskknit cardigan on Ravelry called Sugar Crystals. I did a size 9/10 for my oldest, to replace her classic grey Gymbo cardi she was quickly outgrowing. Okay, to be fair she outgrew it this winter, I've just been using the warm weather as an excuse to keep making her wear it as a 3/4's sleeve length this spring. But no more. Now she has a cardigan her proper size that she'll hopefully wear through this coming winter.
   Back to sewing. What did I make, you ask? Okay, maybe you didn't ask, but I don't often need a specific question to get me talking sewing or knitting. I chose the incredibly multi-faceted Geranium pattern by Made By Rae. Because my girl is so long and lean, I did a size 8 bodice and size 10 length. Fabric is a cotton woven from Joann's- a large, bright red rose print tossed on a watery semi-solid blue backgrounds with white water droplets(lined with a solid off-white cotton woven). Very springy-summer, and "growing up" from her usual kid prints. The sash was added by me, free-handed, and upcycled from one of my husband's old dress shirts. The shirt has been in my 'to upcycle' basket for a couple of years, and it was perfectly because it matches the leaves and droplets, but also has some texture in its white raised pinstripes. Closures in the back are simple KAM snaps she can easily do herself(or her little sister can help with in the privacy of their shared room).

   For once, I got beautiful, genuine, sweet smiles from my girl. Typically she either doesn't care to cooperate and gives me a completely fake snarl of a smile with dead eyes, or is so overly excited that I get all ham and cheese. Perhaps she loves this ensemble so much she ACTUALLY cooperated? Perhaps. 

Can you spot the furry photo-bomber below?

Rocket decided he needed in on the shoot.

The back lacework down the spine of the Sugar Crystals tester.

Photog assistant was pretty over it and just wanted to be held by the end. 

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