Sunday, January 22, 2017

Both Feet

   We do a great disservice to ourselves, our families, and society as a whole when we ignore the roles we play in every day life. Each action has a ripple effect, whether we ever see the waves or not. Believe it or not, I spend very little time on social media. I post to my Instagram because it's a way to take quick snaps, whether it be photos or videos, of the precious goings-on with my family throughout the day, and often(though not always) it's shared to my Facebook. When I am "stuck" in one spot underneath a nursing baby who is now too large for me to support with one arm and move about 'doing' with the other and my phone is handy(instead of my book), I find myself scrolling through Facebook. That is the entire extent of my social media time. It is so infrequently intentional, sitting and spending time doing nothing else. But lately even that 'passing the time while otherwise disposed of' social media exposure has just been too much. There's so much friction. So much meanness. So much double-talk. So much confusion. I just don't need it. It's overwhelming. I'm at a loss as to how to respond to people(when a response is required) in a way that both speaks my truth, but is loving AND articulate when so many are hell-bent on bickering or believing that, "I disagree," means the same as, "I hate you and want you oppressed!"
   I don't have the mental strength nor do I have the desire to witness or partake in this fruitless sparring. My precious angel boy Asher's birthday is next Sunday, the 29th. There's much to be felt, to be grateful for, to be present with. For the next week we're going off the grid. Jumping off the bridge of distraction into Intentionality full bore this week. No social media of any kind for me(but if you know my number you can text, call or email!) save for necessity with my businesses(KumfyKozies™ and Blessed Journey Birth Services), no devices or gaming systems for the kids. We will be present, in the moment, and being purposeful. Living fully, intentionally, not stuck in a rut as consumers of distraction. I'm sure my children are dreading a week without Minecraft, I may or may not blog out some processing, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of pure intentionality and taking responsibility for the ripples my every moment makes.

My photo of a back porch sunrise marking the start of a new day matched with the profound words of a wise woman

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