Wednesday, January 25, 2017

VLOG- Clean Eating on a Budget Tips

   If you're on my Facebook or Instagram, you know I'm sick. Like, body throbbing and aching from head to toe, 102+ fever, and throat so sore and swollen that my neck hurts to touch and I can barely swallow. Dr. Google says I have every single symptom of Influenza. YAAAAYYYY! Haven't had it since 2007, and the extra sleepiness, mild runny noses and one evening of low grade fevers the kids had over the weekend never would have told me it was such a doozy. Hooray for keeping my babes strong enough to fight the big bugs, too!  It has taken me down for the count. Hard. Ouch.
   But I digress. While I'm sitting here at my computer trying to keep myself awake until my husband gets home, I figured I'd post a new blog. I had such an overwhelmingly positive response to my Vlog earlier this week, I decided to make a second one that day and answer one of the questions I get asked constantly here at my blog: How do you feed your family so cheap?! Here's a little bit(2 minutes worth?) of how. ☺

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