Tuesday, January 24, 2017

VLOG- Homeschool Mom Tag- 12 Most Common Questions

   Giving it a go. What would normally take me an hour or more of typing, editing, re-typing, took less than ten minutes while the kids munched on apple slices in the dining room. Maybe I'll "blog" more if I ramble more often. ☺


  1. You can talk to me anytime you are burnt out. :)

  2. Loved the v-log. I suspect if we lived closer your husband would be saying call Corinne or Jennifer and go walking around Target drinking coffee. ;) I also love using Abeka. The teachers guides do not offer much help to me and even though I've ordered some I rarely use them. I tried the abeka DVD program for my nine-year-old Twins and they actually prefer my teaching Style, so being strictly parent-led works much better for them at this point. My little four-year-old on the other hand doesn't have anyone to do school with like the twins always had each other. She seems to really enjoy the K4 program and seeing the two teachers and the children in the classroom. So two different styles three precious children. :-)