Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Been a While

Since I lasted blogged, plenty has happened. First of all, I gave birth to a beautiful miracle- a little girl we were told had Trisomy 18 and would likely never take a breath outside the womb. Today she is a gorgeous, perfectly healthy, 14.5-pound little blue-eyed sweetheart who will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. She's incredibly sweet, content, lovable and talkative. Her older siblings adore her, and she has her daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers. Both A and G have to kiss and hug "Baby Lala" when they wake up, before naps, before bed time, and every time she so much as makes a squeak, she has the undivided attention of the entire household. When my incredible husband walks in the door from work, he hugs and kisses the two toddlers who are scampering around him screaming, "Daddy, you're home! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" And as soon as his little worshippers get their lovin', he swoops in on his littlest princess, and she has smiles for him like she gives to no one else. It blesses my heart to see how much all three children and my husband adore each other. And of course I jump in on the circle of adoration.
In case anyone didn't notice, IT'S CHRISTMAS! I love the holiday season. I created this blog last year during the holiday season so I could blog about my creative swirl. Now, I continue, and while my family and KumfyKozies I have very little time for the computer anymore, I will try to do better. Try being the keyword.
In my absence I have been busy creating new pieces for my line as well. The Kumfy™ Jeans have been enormously popular and kept me busy-busy-busy doing customs up until R's birth, and I've been doing limited in-stock (as much as I have time for) since.
Another great addition to my line of KumfyKozies has been The Kumfy™ Schlüttli. The Schlüttli is a traditional Swedish sweater that has been around for centuries. It can be worn as a full sweater, or with the top buttons undone for a bit of a cardigan look. I first saw a schlüttli on a completely unrelated Ravelry post. I searched and couldn't find the pattern anywhere, so I sent the knitter a message, asking where she found the sweater or pattern. She sent me a PDF file that was choppy instructions (in German) supplemented by hand-drawn diagrams for a sweater in about a size 5T. That was perfect, because that is A's size, so I tried it. What was lacking from the pattern and diagrams I was able to fill in with my knitting experience and make it work. I liked the concept of the resulting sweater, but decided to make it my mission to make my own pattern for the sweater I had been imagine. Thus came my version of the Schlüttli. Here's a little secret: The Kumfy™ Schlüttli pattern is currently in its last phases of testing, and is scheduled to be released (after countless requests for it since September) for the New Year. But that's our little secret for now.
For now, I must bid you adieu, with promises of knitting, sewing, and plenty of holiday baking to come very soon.



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