Sunday, December 12, 2010


On the first day of December, I whined several times that there was no snow. When my older sister called in the afternoon, I commented on my amazement that I live in what is known as "The Snow Belt of New York," and yet it was December first and there was no snow. Not a flake in sight. Let's just say I got my fill of snow in the following four days. The official count was fifty inches. That's averaging more than a foot of snow a day. I do love snow. I even love SHOVELING snow. I did so much shoveling just to keep our driveway clear every morning by 6am, and yet I had the energy to dig a nice little maze in the back yard so the kids could go play without getting lost.
In addition to the snow, we had some added fun to make our week more, well, interesting. Somewhat briefly summarized: Car trouble when my husband came out of work at 9am after a 14-hour shift then a subsequent 4-hour wait in the blizzard for AAA (because the weather had their resources tapped out), a broken computer, and trouble with the back-up computer.
Now, with hopes of catching up, I keep trucking. This week holds A LOT. Today was our sweet littlest girl's dedication at church, followed by lunch here with our family members who were able to attend. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be fraught with sewing and knitting for the stocking at On The Other Side on Friday. Sewing Kumfy™ Jeans for the congo, a Christmas dress for my big girl and cords for my boy for the family party at my aunt's next Sunday, and knitting-knitting-knitting! One Schl├╝ttli for a YYMN slot, and another for a collaboration with the amazing Allison from PurlyQ. Add in a couple appointments here and there, some Christmas baking, taking Christmas pictures of the family and getting things printed, Christmas cards addressed, and my week is packed rock-solid. Did I mention we're expecting another front of snow and ice tomorrow? This one is only supposed to last for two days, though. I guess we'll see if it's still snowing on Wednesday.

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