Thursday, December 16, 2010

Swirl, Twirl, Whip and Whirl

We're snuggled in today, curtains drawn, watching the snow whip and whirl around outside. Twenty inches in the last 48 hours is nothing compared to last week, but it's enough to keep us inside, unwilling to go out for anything unnecessary. So here I sit wearing my husband's fleece bathrobe, sipping my second cup of coffee, tap-tapping away on the keyboard, and listening to the wind howl outside. I can see the black clouds rolling in as a new front of lake-effect snow from Lake Ontario blows in. I'm thankful I can snuggle into our tiny townhouse with my family and enjoy the snow. The kids were begging for another shoveled maze this morning, but I told them we must wait for tomorrow when the snow is said to be ending. Here's to hoping, anyway. We need time to enjoy this white fluff. And by enjoy, I mean watching the two big kids stomp around in the back yard while I watch them through the picture window, knitting and playing with my sweet 12-week-old baby girl.
Speaking of, it is incredible to me that my tiny miracle is nearly three months old. I feel like just last month I was pregnant, praying away the weeks of pre-term labor, last week I was humming in the birthing tub, breathing her into my hands beneath the warm water, and yesterday she gave me her first smile. How time flies. In reality, she's such a BIG girl, growing so fast, giggling, cooing, and trying her hardest to sit unassisted.
These past several days, I have been knitting just as fast as my fingers would go. In thirty-six hours, I knit a Schlüttli in size 12 months, using Kona DK Superwash wool, dyed by the amazing Allison at PurlyQ. This project alone may have reignited the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I dealt with all throughout my littlest one's pregnancy, because my wrists ache something fierce at times. The beautiful buttons were custom-created by Tessa Ann of Tessa Ann Designs. She does fantastic work, and this particular order was rushed beyond belief because of my needs and requests, but she did stunning work as usual. I have nothing but absolute praise for both of these fine work-at-home-moms, and bring my business to them every chance I get. I recommend them to everyone who needs anything they create! This awesome Schlüttli is a collaboration going up for 24-hour auction On the Other Side tomorrow. It will be my last of the year, because other knitting and commitments beckon me in preparation for the New Year.
My Schlüttli pattern is in the final phase of testing, and I plan to release a limited number for sale at my first stocking of the year. I'm SO excited for it! People have been asking for it since I first began selling this design in September.
Tomorrow is pay day for my husband, which means bills need to be organized today. Add in some laundry, cleaning, and a couple batches of Christmas cookies, and I have an incredibly busy afternoon and evening planned. My littlest one has been my velcro baby lately, though, so we'll see how much I actually accomplish without leaving my house.



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