Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Knitting Queue

I have a problem. I love yarn. I mean REALLY. Cheap and expensive alike, I love it, with sale yarns holding a special place in my heart. A couple times a year I even participate in wholesale yarn co-ops. I have two 30-gallon Rubbermaid totes of yarn in the upstairs walk-through closet, plus a couple sections of my living room cube organizer. Once every couple of months  I like to ransack my yarn stash and make a knitting queue. I don't always stick to it, but it certainly does motivate me to get organized and get knitting when I take the time to dream up projects. This is a relatively awkward time of year, when people are done buying for the cold season, done buying for holidays, but are not yet ready to start thinking far enough ahead for the warm season, which presents me with a unique opportunity to knit for my family and friends guilt-free.
On the needles:
  • A 3/4 semi-custom Schl├╝ttli for a YYMN order (finishing the sleeves, hopefully today)
Next projects:
  • Socks for my nephew for Christmas
  • Infant socks as an extra for a custom order
  • Finish a custom order for a DS mama
  • Two wool soakers for my little one who is growing FAR too fast
  • Three scrappy soakers for a friend due in February
  • A Sprout, Schl├╝ttli, Longies and Socks set for a friend due this spring
Hoping to get all that done by February 1st, when I'll begin brainstorming for the change of seasons(March-April).



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