Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking and Inspirations

I've spent much of the last several days baking, with a little bit of knitting as we travel from here to there. Still more baking to be done today, before work  at 2pm. *sigh* Yes, the job outside the home beckons even on Christmas Eve.
On Tuesday, we did so much baking, I thought the oven would run from dawn until dusk. We made a new creation that I thought-up: S'mores Brownies. Basically, just a box mix of classic fudge brownies, add 1 cup of chocolate chips to the mix, and bake as usual. When they're out of the oven, I spread some marshmellow fluff on them while they're still hot, sprinkled a cup of crushed graham crackers over them, and popped them back in the oven on BROIL for 1 minute. Just long enough to toast the marshmellows and graham crackers on top. DELICIOUS!
Another of our favroties year-round, but is especially good at Christmas time is Chocolate Crinkles. We use THIS recipe from Allrecipes, but substitute peppermint extract for the vanilla, and Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa for regular baking cocoa. The rich, dark, minty flavor is like  Andes candies with the texture of a brownie, but in cookie form. So yummy.

Not much sewing being done as of late, considering THE STORE is stocking on Saturday, but knitting has been in high gear. I find that knitting is not only productive, but is soothing, and an excellent way to pass the time in all the doctors' waiting rooms and long car rides to more waiting rooms all over the state. I recently finish a pair of longies for my niece's Christmas present. She's a 'sposied girl, so no need for wool, and if I know my sister like I think I do, she'll love the convenience of machine washing the faux woolies, rather than hand-washing.
I also started a pair of small longies for THE STORE with Cascade 220 and PureWool. I've seen a lot of the "Ella the Elephant" fabric, and love-love-love the pink and silver color combination. I was digging through my yarn bin yesterday, trying to find my missing 16-inch size 8 bamboo circulars, when I ended up with these two colors in my hands. I abandoned my hunt for the needles (still haven't found them :'( ), and decided to cast on this project instead. I love it. I'm excited to stock them for the first big stocking in the New Year.
I doubt I'll blog tomorrow, as it's a busy day, and we'll be travelling to see family after a quick breakfast here, so I leave you all with prayers for a blessed holiday. However you choose to celebrate, I pray you all enjoy the season as our family celebrates the birth of our Savior.

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