Friday, December 18, 2009

WIPs and Queues

When I first received the order for longies with a 14-inch inseam, I was intimidated. They have gone rather quickly, though. I have been pleasantly surprised. I weighed my project and yarn as I knit along, and according to my calculations, I should have had 1/10th of an ounce of yarn leftover. Sadly, I miscalculated. I was down to the seed-stitch cuff with 3/4's of an inch left, when my ball ran out. I searched for-sale-or-trade boards everywhere, only to be disappointed when no one had what I needed. The Peace Fleece website obviously had what I needed, but the flat-rate shipping was more than the yarn itself, and would have taken much longer to get here than I needed. After I had exhausted my search, I posted on my 'home' community, Cloth Diaper Nation, in the Knitter's Knook how frustrated I was with the situation, and asked if there was any chance that anyone in the small group of ladies there had an ounce of Hemlock Peace Fleece I could buy. Not one, but TWO mamas responded with JUST what I needed. I sent a private message to the first mama who posted, giving her my address and asking how much I could pay her. Her response: Nothing. Merry Christmas. It truly blessed my heart. She sent it out immediately, and she's only one state over, so Lord-willing, I'll get it tomorrow or Monday, so the longies can go out Tuesday, just one day beyond my quoted turnaround time. I let the buyer know the situation, and I believe she'll be understanding. She's been great to work with all along.
Also in-progress, I have my niece's Christmas present. I was planning to knit a pair of lounge pants on brushed acrylic (she's not a cloth-diapered babe), and a matching jumper. I've had so many other projects demanding my attention, though, so I'm running out of time. The longies are nearing completion, and I'm thinking I might have time for a quick tunic of my own creation, but we'll see. I may just need to settle for a matching headband, embellished with a chain-knit flower or something.
Next in my knitting queue is a pair of longies for my big girl. She's been potty trained for a year now, but has been having trouble at night. The awesome mama at Simply Sanity Creations made us some custom trainers from prefolds to help my big girl out at night. She'll be getting them for her third birthday, which is in 8 days.
My girl also LOVES her woolies, and since the cold weather rolled into the Northeast, has been sporting her woolies from last year, which are pathetically too short- about 3 inches. I let her go through my wool bin, and she picked out the yarn she wanted her woolies made from: Peace Fleece in the Blueberry Borscht colorway. The girl has excellent taste! It's a lovely colorway of mainly blue, with twists of purples and flecks of a pinkish-red. After the Christmas presents are complete, I'll be casting on her new woolies, with a 15-inch inseam. Ooh boy.
Despite all this knitting going on, my plans for today include a lot of sewing. I have Christmas pants to sew for my kids, and the niece of nephews, so their pajamas all match on Christmas morning. It's a fun tradition. For the last three years, I have sewn matching fleece lounge pants for all the kids to wear on Christmas morning when we all get together. The first year was festive stripes. Last year was candy cane stripes. This year is turquoise with snow flakes. I plan to finish those up (four more pairs), and maybe sew a couple sheep. We'll see how busy I am with the kids and hubby.

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