Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthdays and Such

We had a fantastic Christmas with family, and quickly got into the swing of birthdays. My daughter's was the 26th, my mom's was the 27th, and my niece's is Thursday (the 31st)! I'm working on getting gifts done for the birthday girls by the big family party on Thursday. I'm knitting a tunic for my niece, sewing a hobby horse for my daughter, and have absolutely no idea what to do for my mom! This is unusual for me. I always have ideas, at the very least. I took the day yesterday to organize my fabrics and yarns, and cleaned my house top-to-bottom. Still no inspiration for a gift for Mom. Shucks.
Two pairs of longies were finished yesterday, and one was shipped off Priority. The Hemlock Peace Fleece longies with the 14-inch inseam were sent on their way to Texas, and and the Ella-inspired striped longies were washed, blocked, dried, and put away for this week's stocking. I wish I had time to do a matching top with some of the gray cotton interlock I have , but there's nothing to embellish it with without a trip to the store, and I'm not sure that will happen today.
I plan to do a couple of twirly skirts and dresses for the stocking, but am a bit intimidated at the time it will take, considering my mountain of laundry that needs washing today and closing shift I'm scheduled for at work tonight. We shall see how it all pans out.
The congo I am a member of is planning a make-over and big ta-da for the New Year. Our one-year anniversary is in March, so we're working on a graphics over-haul, collaborations with multiple vendors for something new, and raising funds for more advertising. Right now, I have my items there on sale, and am planning to do a large stocking of Valetine's-themed items for January 10th and 20th.
My teapot beckons, as do my other two blogs before the rest of the house wakes up. Have a blessed day!

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