Monday, January 24, 2011

Coffee and a License

I was grinding my beans for my mid-morning coffee and I decided it was so. The beans are so dark, shiny, and rich in color. My odd-shaped smokey green coffee mug I bought on clearance at the grocery store five years ago would be a fun piece to include. I dumped some beans on the living room window sill where the sun made the lighting perfect, set my steaming cup of coffee in the background, and snapped a couple shots. My 4-year-old asked why I was putting coffee on the window. I love preschool logic.
Today I finally made myself sit down and work out the specifics for licensing my Schl├╝ttli pattern. It wasn't hard, really, I just had to sit down, do a little research, and focus. And it's done. The license is up for sale.
My next step- taking my years of pattern notes for my longies pattern I've been using for two years now, and getting it into testing. I am struggling a bit, though, because a kind WAHM friend linked me to a forum post in internet land where one particular person repeatedly bashed me and my pattern-writing. My friend did it privately and totally in love, wanting me to see it and do what I could as a WAHM to resolve the issues. I appreciate it and did the same I did the last time some one was writing such things about me: I did my best to respond in kindness and with professionalism to clarify the issue the person had and make sure she (and everyone) realized that I am very accessible(just an email away and that address is included in the pattern), in hopes that she might not feel that way toward me and my pattern. So far no response. Note to self: work on clarity. An acquaintance who writes patterns for a living once told me, "The goal is to make it so anyone can understand your pattern." That is my goal- to simplify every detail so anyone at any skill level can understand my patterns, and hope that the intensity of detail isn't overwhelming and muddling. Regardless, every single pattern-writer whom I have spoken to about the topic has said the same thing: You can't please everyone. I need to take that to heart deeply, so the barbs from the less than 1% of purchasers don't cut so deep.


  1. Hey! I had no idea you knew my blog address. And actually I was like who is Meg??? Then I was like, ooo she likes Komfie Kozies. Then I saw a pic of a child and it clicked. LOL! Yes sometimes brunettes have blonde moments.

  2. Oh and if you want a noob to test for you, I can. I will probably struggle though.

  3. It's okay, Becca, redheads have blond-moments, too! LOL
    I will definitely take you up on that offer to test. Thanks!

  4. That less then 1% is why I have chosen not to sell anything I just couldn't handle the critics. I think it's awesome that your having so much success and am sorry that a few people have to be so rude.

  5. Tenilia- It is really difficult. My heart and soul go into everything I make so it's tough to hear the negative. :-/