Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ducks, Owls, and the New Year

Just finished a little knitting for a cousin's last-minute baby shower gift order. It was fun to press myself so hard. The project was tiny, but doable, and the supplies were scrumptious: delicious cashmerino and hand-carved and in-laid wooden buttons, with owl cables to boot. It blocked overnight and is going out in the morning's mail. I am excited to hear how the expentant mama of a surprise baby likes it. Baby shower gifts tend to be more exciting to me, because so many times it's the same gifts, different colors. When baby shower gifts are handmade, odds are they are truly one-of-a-kind. Commence the chorus of  Aaaaaaaaw's and add a little extra incredible. I have two pregnant friends who are due in the next month or two, and this tiny fluff got my fingers itching to set to work on their surprises. I have a few things queued-up that need finishing first, but I am looking for supplies for now.
The New Year is bringing plenty of new babies, though none in our home. We're happy with our three (for now), and the struggles, fun and excitement that accompany the life of a WAHM to three keeps me firm in that decision, but there are times my heart waivers.
With the New Year also comes tax time. With tax time comes a few splurges for each of us. Mine this year, I have already decided, will be a serger. For now I've been making due with the overlocking capabilities of my trusty sewing machine, but I look forward to expanding my line with the knits and interlocks that my sewing machine isn't quite delicate enough to handle. I'm excited.



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