Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eternal WAHM Conundrum

It's a question I encounter almost daily. The kids are all asleep and the house is clean. What do I do? Crawl into bed a couple hours early and hope the next day is more productive since I will theoretically be more rested? Or do I take advantage of the next 3-4 hours of peace and quiet get stuff done immediately? After all, there's no guarantee tomorrow isn't going to be one of THOSE days, when we take five steps backward. In all honesty, I usually end up sitting on the couch knitting for half an hour while I try to decide, and if I doze off while I'm knitting (it happens more than I care to admit), I take that as a clear sign that my body needs the extra sleep. As if the three to four cups of coffee I drink throughout the day just to keep up weren't indication enough.

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