Sunday, January 16, 2011

Commence Stash-Busting

Our backyard early this morning- And it's still coming down!
As I type I'm watching gusts of wind blow walls of snow past the living room windows. We're in the midst of a massive snow-dumping, compliments of Lake Ontario. I do love the snow, but today we actually had plans. Since the State Troopers have warned against all unnecessary travel, we're staying home and having a movie day. The kids are having a movie day, I should say. I am beginning my stash-busting project. I've decided to clean out my fabric stash to make room for new things in the upcoming change of seasons- though looking out my window I dare say it'll be close to a year before all this snow is gone.
To encourage my commitment to using up my stash, I did a little rearranging of the sewing area. Actually a more accurate description would be that I moved it altogether. Since we moved in the end of April, my sewing area has been in the sealed basement. It's worked quite perfectly, because there's plenty of room (and then some!), and the kids have a large play area down there as well with their ride-on toys, painting easel, train table, play kitchen, etc. They always keep entertained for a solid hour or two when we go down there, so I'm able to get things done. The problem: Unless the dryer or the furnace are running, it stays about 48 degrees down there this time of year. SHIVER! Too cold to spend much time down there since we run neither our furnace nor the dryer constantly. Instead, I pushed over the kids' school computer and moved my machine and more frequently-used notions upstairs to the kitchen table. You'll notice in the photo where my infant supervisor works from while the other two kiddos have been great about just playing, doing schoolwork, etc, right there in the large kitchen/dining area (no, this is not the dining room table, in case you were wondering).
Size 4 low-waisted corduroy jumper
The move has been inspiring. In the last 24 hours alone I have accomplished a ton, including a size 6 dress for my 4-year-old and a size 4 jumper for her friend (whose birthday party we're missing today due to the snow- Shucks). I'm convinced my stash-busting project will be a success. Hooray! Next on today's agenda:
  •  Two pairs of pants already cut out
  • A jumper for my niece
  • A skirt for my niece
  • Pants for two of my nephews
  • Two pairs of pants for my son
Yep. I'm going to be a busy lady, but it's going to be GREAT! Onward with productivity on this snow-bound day.



PS- Still looking for a third knitter on my last post ;-)


  1. When did you get this blog? I have never seen it. Love, Mom

  2. Over a year ago. It's more business and creative-minded, what I don't mind sharing with strangers.

  3. Best of luck with your stash busting, I wish I could join in but I am sewing machineless. Oh and I also figured out where you found my blog from! Xebulba is my awesome DH, thought I do wonder what he plans on doing with a knitting pattern.

  4. LOL! What happened to your machine?
    Perhaps your hubby was keeping the pattern a secret and giving it to you when he messed up. ;-) You're BOTH welcome to use it. :-D

  5. It stopped sewing forward. Weird right? I know, and the worse part it was only 5.5 months old.