Friday, January 14, 2011

So Blessed- Spread the WAHM Love

Suffice it to say my pattern release was a HUGE success. I'm so excited that people are thrilled with the Kumfy™ Schlüttli. It has been such an overwhelming blessing. I've been doing everything I can to pay forward the blessings by sending it to friends and family who'd like one for free. That said, if you read this and would like a copy of my pattern, leave a comment about a way you've been blessed since the New Year. The first three get a copy of the pattern for free. Be sure to include your email address!
I'm also working on thickening my skin. While literally 99.9% of people who have the pattern have had nothing but great things to say about it, there have been a couple of really vocal critics. Not constructive criticism, either- some pretty hurtful stuff, insulting me, my knitting ability, etc. I know this is part of being a business woman, so I'm trying to respond with kindness, professionalism, and take it with a grain of salt. Some people just 'go there' readily, rather than sending a private message with something along the lines of, "Hey, I noticed this, this, and this. Do you as the writer have the solution?" Several of the judgments were made by of misreading, and while this is a problem with the reader, I am also taking it as an opportunity to figure out how to write a clearer pattern, one that is next to impossible to misread. While I've been writing my own rough patterns for my own personal use (and sharing with friends when they ask) for several years, this is my first published. There is, of course, room for improvement and I welcome constructive criticism.Truly, I do.
Another blessing in my life is the abundance of incredible WAHMs I know. In a matter of days, Danielle of Full Hands, Full Heart did a last-minute customer order for OBV (organic bamboo velour) nursing pads for me to include in a gift box for a friend. Dena of Lulu Bird Designs does incredible embroidery work, has reasonable prices, and is a dream to work with. Heather of Bugga Bugga Boutique is an incredibly sweet woman who makes my all-time favorite diaper- a one-size Snappiable fitted (See Miss R sporting her favorite in the photo to the left). I also have the pleasure of working on a congo with Terra of TerraMade Products. She's a total sweetheart, great to work with, and a fantastic friend. I know SO many more incredible WAHMs, these are just a couple for today. Tell me about YOUR favorite WAHMs and why.


  1. Congratulations on getting the schlutti pattern ready.
    I have been incredibly blessed this new year on finding out that soon we will have a new grandchild. And, by having two other loving, beautiful grandchildren .. I am visiting them now in Virginia and we've just returned from visiting FibreSpace, which was a treat. Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy of the schlutti pattern. wardmom ..

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Congratulations on the coming grandbaby. Have a safe trip back from VA!

    Happy knitting!


  3. Hello. That is definately a wonderful blessing. I must say, this year I was extremely blessed with my work situation. Its been hard being in the same crappy job, without any chance of a pay raise (I'm at pay cap) for 5 years. I got a call from a friend a couple days ago from an old acquaintance offering me a job making significantly more, and it is a job in the career I have been trying to break into.

    Its always good to hear about others that can see the blessings in life rather than focus on the negative

    Also, congratulations on your pattern

  4. Xebulba,

    Thanks so much for reading and for telling me about your blessing. My husband and I can both relate to the frustrating pay cap situation. So glad that things are turning around for you! What an awesome blessing.


  5. knitters should stick together! I am sorry other knitters didn't treat with respect and kindness. Pattern writing is hard work! I perfer to be the blind follower and I am thankful for knitters like you who take that leap! AS I am knitting my way through this pattern I am loving it so much! The 3 stitch buttonhole is awesome! It looks so neat and tidy! I had an AH-HA moment earlier-- PM means PASS MARKER! The pattern truly does read easily! Especially for a beginner-- who would read the pattern more thoughly than I-- OUCH! Anyway Keep your chin up-- the pattern is great and I am sorry if someone hurt your feelings and I HOPE it doesn't put you off on pattern writing--I can not wait to buy your longies pattern!